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As in all relationships, in which there is between dogs and humans there are usually misunderstandings, although some even go unnoticed. In fact, to avoid these problems with your faithful friend you will have to ask yourself a series of questions. For example, you should know how dogs think, what are their most basic physical and mental needs and also know what things usually bother them.

Discover in this article from Animal Expert 10things that dogs hate about humans and so you can improve the relationship with your dog, enjoying both of a relationship with more quality than ever.

The hair dryer, the vacuum cleaner, the cars, the firecrackers, the sneezing, a cough or something that we drop and makes a lot of noise, any loud noise bothers and scares dogs. It is normal, since they have an exceptional ear that allows them to hear sounds that escape us and also have a much more sensitive perception of vibrations than ours. Therefore, any noise that may bother you will surely terrify your dog. Obviously, there are dogs that have been raised since puppies perceiving loud noises and have become accustomed to it, so they do not get scared, but it is true that most do get scared and hate it.

The theme of strong odors is also something delicate for dogs. Like his ear, his smell is thousands of times more potent than that of humans. For this, any smell that seems strong to your dog seems really annoying. It is true that if it is a smell of food it does not bother them so much, they will immediately ask us to share with them what smells so delicious. But, imagine the smells of chemicals, personal hygiene and household cleaning. They are really very strong smells that irritate the nostrils of our hairy, so they easily let us know with a sneeze and go to another place.

We must try not to scare our dog with loud noises whenever we can avoid it or try to get used to it. We must also avoid using products with strong odors in the presence of our dog and ventilate the area well before it enters it.

2. Talk a lot and not use our body language

Many times we talk to our dog and that is fine, but if we do it in excess or if at the same time we speak we do not use gestures and short words that the dog can get to learn and relate to something, we will not be doing anything other than overwhelm our friend. He will not be understanding what we say and in the end he will get nervous. They prefer that you communicate with them with your body language and if you use words or sounds better than they are few and that they have been able to learn them during their training and learning from puppies.

It is true that dogs do understand the basic emotions of humans, but they do so through body language and the tone of voice we use. They definitely do not understand our complete verbal language, only those basic words that we teach them. Therefore, that let's talk a lot and don't use our body language confuses them a lot. We must try to learn how to talk to our dog and how to communicate with him with our body. Take a test, spend a whole day without saying a single word to your dog. Just gesture, without exaggeration, and try to communicate with body language. Although you can use some sound like a whistle, try not to say a word, you will see that you communicate perfectly and that your faithful friend is more relaxed.

3. Our negative energy and that we scold them without understanding why

Maybe when we are in a bad mood or get angry with our dog because he has done something we do not like, we transmit that anger and negativity as we would do in principle with another person. As we have already mentioned, the canids they don't understand what we yell at them and most of the time they don't understand why we do it. It is obviously something that bothers them a lot, they feel bad, they receive negative energy and they don't even know why.

We have to learn to avoid common mistakes when scolding a dog. One of them is to do it without being able to understand why, since it has been a long time and another mistake is to be aggressive. There are much more effective ways that will make you understand each other better and continue enjoying each other.

4. Lack of structure

The dogs like to have a routine, although we vary it so that it does not become very boring, and they like to have a structure, because they feel safer and calmer. An unstructured dog, without a minimum of basic training, will end up being an unhappy dog, since it will have insecurities and misunderstandings both with the family and with other dogs or animals. That's why another thing that dogs don't like at all is the lack of structure in your family.

This structure and learning must cover several aspects, from who leads the group to walks and food, among other things. To do this, it is better that we first instruct ourselves well on the proper training for our dog.

5. Look them straight in the eye, take them from the face and pat them on the head

Dogs really don't like anything they like. let's look straight in the eye. If you have ever done it, you will have noticed that they avoid the look when we do it, but perhaps you have encountered one that holds your eyes more and may even have growled at you. Prolonged eye contact for canids is a challenge, so if one looks away, he becomes the submissive and, on the other hand, if he endures it and the other withdraws it, he will be dominant. It is dangerous to do this to dogs we don't know, they can get aggressive. One thing is that the eyes are crossed and another thing is to challenge, so try not to look for a dog because it can bother you a lot.

Also, other things we do very often is to grab them from the face to punch them out and pat them on the head. That is a mistake, because they do not get along very well. That we take them from the face makes them stay blocked, they feel trapped, because they think it is something that they do not do among them. Patting or tapping on the head bothers them and can even do them some harm. A hand above them they understand as dominant, if it also hits them on the head it worries them a lot. They are gestures that are very normal for us, but for them they have different meanings, so we should try not to. If you want to approach to greet a dog, it is better that you approach a little sideways, without staring at him and extending a little hand allowing him to sniff and meet you, once he accepts you you can pet him.

6. Kisses and hugs in excess

There are many things that are normal for us and we like to do, such as cuddling, hugging and giving many kisses to our furry, but they don't interpret everything like us. Between dogs they don't hug or kiss like we do. For them that we hug and kiss constantly is something very confusing.

On the one hand, with hugs we block them and for them put the legs on top of anothermeans you want to establish your dominance, they can take it as a game but to some extent. Although there are very affectionate and submissive dogs that do accept hugs, most do not tolerate them much. On the other hand, our kisses are like their licks and they lick for many reasons, one of them is when they want to show submission, so sometimes when we kiss them they can understand that we are submissive. So, we are sending them confusing signals and that destabilizes them and makes them feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, it is good that you hug them and give them some kiss, but be careful not to overdo it and pay attention to the signs that the dog makes you such as licking too often, being nervous, throwing your ears back, yawning or even teaching the teeth, things that show that they are not at all comfortable with the situation.

7. Do not use the belt well and walk in a hurry

It is very common that there are things that we do wrong when we walk our dog, but we have to learn to correct them if we want to enjoy the walks and not make our hairy feel bad. Sometimes we keep the belt tight, we are constantly pulling, we don't let it sniff its surroundings, etc. Also many times we walk very few minutes and are in a hurry to get somewhere or to finish the walk.

Do not wear the leash well and be in a hurry during the ride It is something that definitely does not make our dog very funny. You need a lot of time to explore your surroundings and interact with others. He will want to sniff, stop to do his needs and play with others, is normal. We have to be aware of the basic needs of our dog and learn to use the leash well and take quiet walks where you can enjoy.

8. Dress them unnecessarily

Of course, if it is very cold or we need to cover some part of our dog's body for any injury or problem, dressing him with a sweater or with special clothes for them, even with special boots, is fine and in these cases it is recommended. What our faithful friends or at least most of them do not support, is that we dress them because yes or with simply decorative things and not at all functional. They do not feel comfortable if they cannot walk well or if they carry something that cannot be removed whenever they want. Some learn to tolerate it, but many do not understand why someone comes close to them, stares at them or even laughs at them, although for us it is affectionately they do not understand it, they only perceive that they attract a lot of attention and get nervous . They even feel that other dogs do not dare to approach them, something quite normal but that causes them rejection and therefore eventually causes them emotional distress.

Think that your dog is not a human, try not to humanize him since that will only bring imbalances and problems. Dress him when it's really necessary with the right pieces of clothing.

9. Clean them very often

It is normal for us to clean each day, for dogs it is not. They stay clean in their own way, they need their body odor to communicate with others. So if we clean them very often, really we are not doing them any favor. One thing is that if it has become very dirty we clean it, another very different is that we are bathed every two times with shampoos with smells that we love and perfume. This is not for them, they like to smell themselves and the strong smells of the products we use can bother them a lot as we have already commented.

It is good that we bathe our dog at home or in the dog grooming from time to time, but we can not do it very often because, in addition to needing its smell to communicate well, we will be damaging the layers of natural protection of the skin and we can end up causing some health problem. We can clean them yes, but without exceeding ourselves.

10. Be bored>

Dogs can't stand being bored, they want to do things and share their time with you. So they don't like anything that don't listen to them and be bored. Of course they hate when you are absent, they are never sure when you will return or if you will, hence their enormous joys when you return even if only a few minutes ago they do not see you. But the worst thing for them is, without a doubt, when their real human companion never returns. The worst thing that can happen is that let's leaveThey will never understand why and have a hard time moving on.

So you know, do not be bored and do many things with your faithful partner, also try to be as short as possible absent, but above all, never leave.

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For Deep Gnosis:

"Lions kill lioness cubs to be able to access them again. Chickens throw the rest of the weakest eggs and chickens out of the nest. They call it instinct and fight for survival."
Answer: The cases you cite are isolated. We fight for money and material goods, that is to be more animal.

"If we apply it to the human being it becomes unacceptable. But with animals everything goes. I would like to be civilized like animals. What Roberto Carlos sang. Civilized sorry? Chimpanzees tend to ambush others of the same species in groups and they they eat them alive delighting in their brains. "
Answer: There are few chimpanzees who are inclined to meat, they are mostly fruit-eating or eat insects. The documentaries of the most famous channels leave much to be desired, educating the population is the goal of the powerful. Luckily there are few humans who respect animals and omit manipulated information. The human being unlike the chimpanzee, experiences with them through painful vivisections that lasts weeks. There you can also realize who is more animal.

"There are cases of dolphin attacks on humans (which obviously do not cool as much as the story of a flipper that saves you from sharks, but they are real)."
Answer: These attacks occur strangely when they are captured or injured. Putting this as an example is ridiculous.

"People believe that intelligence amounts to evil. Being the human being the most sophisticated, the solution goes by the sight of returning to nature. They have dogs for having slaves."
Answer: People do not believe that intelligence equals evil. He knows how to differentiate concepts very well and he is not wrong. The human being is not intelligent, he is always guided by what the media says, be it television or press. The average human is the worst CANCER on the planet.

Well, being a dog and cat owner, dealing with people and animals, and believe me, an animal will always be much more faithful and grateful to you than the fucking human beings.

It seems to me unmotivating to see how there are humans so stupid and clowns that they think they are "superior" to "simple" animals. It seems unmotivating because the human being is much more disgusting than any other animal. The human kills for fun, cheats you, fucks you, exploits you at work, annoys the rest.

If I had to choose between the extinction of people or that of other animals, I would choose the first, believe me, even if that meant dying myself.

Why? because we are a fucking cancer, starting with people like you, who contribute nothing at all, and just fuck the planet earth more hating or despising animals that you consider more "simple".