Pregnancy in a Shih Tzu


This is a very common question when our dogs get pregnant, But the answer to it will depend on many factors. In this article we will tell you about these puppies and we will also answer other questions that are sure to go through your mind if your dog is in a state.

How many puppies will my dog ​​have?

The answer to this question will influence the breed, age and size of your pet.

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There are those who say that you can determine the number of puppies if you see the breasts that start to come out before giving birth, although this does not seem very relevant, because sometimes they are not the same amount because someone has died as a fetus. However, have those you have, a dog mom can not comfortably breastfeed more than 8 puppies.

Can a dog have twins?

Although we know that you would like the answer to this question to be yes, We are sorry to say that there is no record of any case in which a dog has had twins, still (hope is the last thing lost).

The reason as explained by the specialists is because bitches have a constitution very different from that of women.

Your uterine system is divided into two, so when a dog generates embryos they are always housed in different compartments.

How to recognize the beginning and end of a birth?

It would not be the first time that when a dog stops at home, the owners leave her alone thinking that she has finished giving birth to all the puppies. Because of this it is essential that we know when labor begins and when labor ends.

To recognize the beginning it will be important that we observe our dog carefully to notice changes in her behavior. When the time is approaching, your dog will be nervous and tired, making slow movements and looking for a safe, hot and hidden place to take refuge.

This will happen between days 60 and 65 after the ride, so take note of when this happened.

On the other hand, to know if the delivery is over and if the puppy we are seeing is the final one, the behavior of our dog will be the one to indicate it to us as well.

The new mother will calm down in an obvious way and begin to group the puppies and prepare to breastfeed.

Up to what age a female dog can give birth

As a general rule, it is not recommended that a dog have puppies after the age of 9. This is because at that age the dog will already be in decline, its entire organism begins to age and its immune system begins to weaken.

So, both she and future puppies can suffer various dangers, because your health is in decline and it is easier to get physical and psychological diseases and degenerations.

As we have seen in the article Everything related to pregnancy, childbirth and the number of puppies will depend on several factors such as health, race, size and age. However, to make sure of the risks, always talk to your veterinarian to find out at what time and condition your pet is and the feasibility of a possible pregnancy and childbirth.

Basic facts about pregnancy

The bitches are pregnant for about 59 to 63 days. A Shih Tzu can have only one puppy or a maximum of 10, most litters average between 3 and 6 puppies. Only a puppy can be too big for the mother to give birth naturally. Too many puppies can be difficult for the mother to feed. Because Shih Tzu are small dogs, they are prone to dystocia or difficulty giving birth, and may require a C-section.


There are some things to consider before playing your Shih Tzu. You must wait until your dog has spent at least one zeal and has reached its full size. He plans no more than three litters in his life. Choose a male that weighs no more than 3 pounds (1.5 kg) than your female. Avoid the reproduction of two dwarves together because the resulting puppies are often small and have many health problems. Both male and female should be tested for genetic diseases that could be transmitted to puppies. Avoid crossing two blood lines that are closely related.

Signs of pregnancy

There are some signs that you should look for and indicate that your Shih Tzu is pregnant. Many of the bitches will show noticeable changes in their personality when they are pregnant. A dog that was always very relaxed could be more hyperactive. As the pregnancy progresses you will see inflammation of the vulva and abdomen, your nipples become larger and may show nesting behavior. It is very important to take your female to the veterinarian for advice on prenatal care as soon as you suspect she may be pregnant.

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Prenatal care is essential for the health of mother and babies. Pregnant Shih Tzu should be fed with puppy food because of its high fat and vitamin content. Your veterinarian may prescribe vitamin supplements. Your veterinarian may recommend an x-ray or ultrasound before the date of delivery to see how many puppies they are. Daily exercise is important, but you'll want to limit jumping and excessive activity. You will also have to prepare a place for the mother to give birth to the puppies.

Preparation for childbirth

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Prepare a large box with clean bedding in a remote area of ​​your home, where your pregnant dog feels comfortable and safe. Check your temperature with a rectal thermometer regularly in the last couple of weeks before your due date. Normal body temperature would be between 100.5 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit (37 and 39 degrees Celsius). A drop of about 2 degrees in rectal temperature means that your Shih Tzu should start work within the next 24 hours. If you do not do it or seem distraught, consult your veterinarian immediately.

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My dog ​​has had two pregnancies of 5 puppies each and two have died in each litter. She is now pregnant for 3 times and I am afraid that some baby will die. What should I do? She takes two days after riding with the same puppy, smaller than her.

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