My cat does not want to eat I think, what can I do?


If you have a capricious cat at lunchtime, don't worry, it's quite common. In fact, cats are reputed to be very "special" animals when it comes to food, although in reality this capricious behavior is learned behavior and not something innate in cats.

You might think that your cat likes to vary in food or that he needs it, when in reality he will be perfectly happy eating the same thing throughout his life, as long as you provide him with a food that is nutritious and of quality.

It may seem to you that your cat is a picky eater, when in reality the only thing that happens is that it takes its time at mealtime. Many cats feed by way of "pecking", eating very little several times a day. The fact that he does not empty the feeder does not mean that he does not like food.

My cat doesn't eat enough

Your cat may not eat his food because he is getting food or treats somewhere else. If you are used to giving him many prizes or leftovers from the table, you should stop doing it. Surely your cat protests for a while, but in the end he will understand that the only food he will get is the one in his feeder.

Make sure no one but you gives him food (either at home or in the neighborhood). It is necessary that only one person takes care of their diet if we want them to change their attitude towards food.

If, when you were a kitten, you tried many different foods to see which one you liked best, you may find that, when you grow up, your cat expects you to continue doing the same. If you do nothing but open different cans trying to convince him to eat something, then your cat has won the battle.

An effective way to get him used to eating only the food you want him to eat is as follows:

  • Leave the feeder with the food for half an hour.
  • If you don't eat it, remove it.
  • Repeat the process until you eat.

After a day or two, your cat may start meowing asking you to give him something else (prizes, table scraps, etc). Do not give. Your cat is not starving, it is only using its charms to get what it wants. You may have to endure a couple of weeks of complaints, but with this process you will be able to end your whims at lunchtime.

Switch to a new food

Whenever you change your cat's food, do it gradually. Start by mixing a little of the new food with the old one and, for 7-10 days, gradually increase its quantity until you only feed it with the new food.

When to go to the vet

If your cat suddenly becomes very picky when he has never shown that behavior before or if he loses weight, then you should go to the vet. Sometimes an apparently capricious behavior can have an underlying medical cause, such as a dental problem, a digestive disorder or the presence of hairballs.

A new think

Sometimes the reason why the cat does not want to eat I think is due to a reason as simple as does not like. This happens frequently when there is a change of brand or type of feed and the new one is not attractive to the cat.

However, it also happens that such change is forced for reasons of cat health. For example, when the puppy reaches adulthood and must change its diet, or after sterilization when it should consume appropriate feed for its new state.

Trick: Perfume the feed

A simple solution is "perfume the feed" with an irresistible aroma for the cat's palate. The ideal products to make the aromatic essence are sliced ​​york ham or chicken. The way to prepare the aroma is as follows:

We beat a slice of ham or a piece of roasted or fried chicken, mixing it with a little water and a few drops of sunflower oil. The resulting emulsion will be poured over the feed and will thoroughly batter all the feed so that it is well impregnated with the irresistible aroma.

Normally this trick works well, and little by little you should reduce the amount of chicken or ham aroma until the cat adapts to the new feed.

Kittens under two months

If we have a kitten that is less than two months old it’s very important that we think wet, since their teeth are not yet developed enough to chew the croquettes. But of course, if you are very accustomed to milk it may cost you a bit to get used to solid food, even if you have to do it urgently if you want to continue growing. How to help

Ideally, your mother would also eat wet feed for kittens one season. These animals learn by imitation, and what better than a mother to teach her. But if the kitten is an orphan, there will be nothing left to teach him. For this, what we must do is take a little food (less than what would fit in the fingertips), open the mouth and put the food inside. Being so small, there is no risk of suffocation, and in fact, by instinct it is normal to swallow it without problem.

But ... (there is always a but), sometimes it is necessary to repeat this a lot until the animal eats. Although in a few days it will be he who goes to his feeder to eat his wet food well chopped.

Kittens over two months and adults

If the kitten is more than two months old, or if we have an adult cat that does not eat dry feed, We can help you by mixing the food with wet feed or homemade chicken broth (boneless). If it does not work, we will try to add some salmon oil that we will find in animal products stores so that it has another flavor.

Anyway, It is important to keep in mind that, as is the case with humans, not all cats like the same type of food or feed brands. Others like to change, and there are others who only eat the feed they have been eating forever. Although we do not think it is the most appropriate, it is better not to change their minds because they could stop eating and to solve this ... you have to be very patient.

I hope you find these tips useful. 🙂

Tricks for the cat to eat I think

The cat is a carnivorous animal, that is, the base food of its diet must be meat. Starting from it, I think we give it doesn't have to contain by-products or cereals, since these are ingredients that cannot digest well and that the body ends up discarding anyway.

Feeds with these characteristics are more expensive than the others (a 7.5kg bag can cost 45 euros), but in the medium term it comes more into account, since you have to give it less quantity than other cheaper feeds, so The bag lasts longer. In addition, the taste and smell is much more natural, more attractive to the cat, so that a trick to eat I think is to give one of very good quality. Although not the only one.

Another trick is add some salmon oil to your plate of food. So you get more flavor, so you may end up leaving the feeder very clean bien. Mind you, throw it no more than a large scoop once for 3-4 days, no more. And if you still don't like it, make a homemade chicken broth (without salt or condiments) and mix it with your feed.

Why don't you eat I think?

When a cat does not want to eat we have to ask why he does not want to eat it. Sometimes you may not just be hungry, but being an animal of routines it is better that we worry as soon as our friend does not eatWell, he doesn't usually change his habits unless he is sick, has eaten secretly or someone has given him something to eat without notifying us.

For this reason, whenever we suspect that our cat is bad, that is, that it has a fever, loss of appetite, seizures, or any other symptoms that make us suspect, we have to take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Thus, the hairy can recover as soon as possible.

I always think

Another thing is when the cat suddenly ceases to eat his usual feed.

In this case we must give our pet malt for cats, since it is very possible that the poor suffer tricobezoares. We can also spread the cat's paw with pharmaceutical paraffin. Tricobezoars are the hairballs that form in the stomach and intestine of the cat when it licks its hair to groom itself. Is a common problem which usually resolves when the cat regurgitates the hair or defecates it. However, it can become a very serious problem if it is not solved promptly, and the cat's life can be endangered.

Malt for cats and pharmaceutical paraffin facilitate the expulsion of tricobezoars.

Also when we produce the perfume for feed, we can substitute sunflower oil for pharmaceutical paraffin oil. This dietary oil (quite expensive), is not absorbed in the intestinal tract of the feline, so all the amount that enters comes out. Lubricating and greatly facilitating intestinal unblocking.

- Other animals in the home

Another factor that we must observe if we have more than one pet, will be that our cat eats part or all of the outside feed. Among pets it is a very common practice to demonstrate their hierarchy by eating the other's and preventing their feed from being consumed.

The cat does not eat or drink water

If our cat does not eat his feed, but does not drink water, we must take it without delayTo veterinary.

The most common cause of this anomalous behavior is usually a poisoning of our pet. It may be accidental, such as that the cat has been purged with a poisonous plant, or that it is a bad person in the neighborhood who has offered food poisoned to the cat.

The pain that the cat feels when eating anything is such that he prefers to refrain from eating and drinking. The quick visit to the veterinarian is imperative.

Why does the cat not want to eat or drink water?

Rabies produces hydrophobia to animals attacked by it deadly disease. Hydrophobia, as the name implies, means water phobia. So if we observe that our cat shun food liquid can be a sign of contagion of this terrible disease.

A bite of a rat, squirrel or any other infected animal can spread rabies to our cat if it is not vaccinated. Obviously, if the cat stops drinking automatically, it stops eating food that increases thirst.

Too it can be some other disease other than rabies but in the same way, these symptoms reveal a serious problem, go to the specialist.

There are cats that preferably eat wet feed, although this type of feed should only be given circumstantially, since it causes tartar and pestilent feces.

Sometimes the feeder is not clean and the feed spoils. Usually the catwill reject I said I think. It can also happen that we have left the can of fresh feed open and out of the fridge, fermenting the rest of the feed by heat or insects

A quick way to find out if our cat's incompetence is mild or severe, will be to offer you a sliced ​​slice of ham. If you reject it, it is quite likely that we will have to go to the vet.

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