Why does my dog ​​follow me everywhere and you just want to be with me?


It is very common for dog owners to refer to themselves as the "parents" of their beloved pets, and the truth is that there is some logic in that fact. When you do that, you are telling others that you really love and care about your dog, just as you would with your own child.

But many parents could tell you that there is something else. As with children, you can love your pets and not understand them at the same time. But while parents may be confused with the new incomprehensible phrase that their child does not stop repeating, they have the luxury of being able to speak the same language.

Unfortunately, the same does not happen with pet owners. So until someone finally invents a translator of our language to the canine and vice versa, we will have to learn to interpret the body language of dogs.

With this idea in mind, here we bring you 12 quite common behaviors of dogs that you can observe and what is their meaning:

# 1 - Constant eye contact:

It depends a lot on how your dog is looking at you. If your expression is normal and looks you straight in the eye, it's a very powerful way to show your love. In fact, a group of Japanese researchers found a connection between their eye contact and high levels of oxytocin, a hormone that affects how we express our love, fidelity ... to others.

# 2 - Brings you things:

You might think that he wants to play with you to throw it at him, especially if it is a toy. However, what your dog is doing is bringing you a gift. Apparently this is one of the hunting instincts that are still in the dogs, it brings you things that you think you might need instead of a dead prey.

Why does my dog ​​just want to be with me?

These types of reactions are perfectly normal when you have just introduced your colleague into your life. He follows you because, for him, you are a representative of his safety, happiness and affection. This behavior is not only typical of your particular dog, it is of the whole species itself. Since they were trained, they have learned to follow their caregiver, watch over him and care for him, because they know that they receive the protection and food they need.

That is why he will follow you even when you go to the shower. What you never have to do is punish him for doing itOn the contrary, it is now when you have to take the opportunity to strengthen your bond with him and truly get to know him. It is key that you pamper him, play with him, take him out for a walk and that you allow him to vent all his energy depending on the needs he has.

Why does my dog ​​sleep stuck to me?

Of course, he will not only follow you, he will also want to sleep by your side and will stare at you. As your caregiver, you have to be clear how far you want your relationship to go, knowing how to set limits and teaching him to be independent and to play alone.

This is important because if you allow an addictive relationship between the two to be generated, when you are not, you will suffer separation anxiety. If this situation occurs, it will be a problem for both of you and for your entire neighborhood, as it will behave destructively when you are alone at home.

My dog ​​barks when he stays home alone, what do I do?

The symptoms that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety are easy to detect. Your colleague will have an oversized reaction when you walk out the door and when you return. Those who will discover that this is happening are your neighbors. If one of them tells you that your furry doesn't stop barking when you're not, don't be mad at that person, Well, he's doing you a favor. It is telling you that your friend needs your help.

Thank him and, as soon as he returns home, start educating him to correct his behavior. The first thing you have to understand is that, whenever you want to teach him something, it has to be through positive reinforcement, giving him a goody, a caress or a compliment when he does something right, But never put your hand on him if he does something wrong. A very good app for this is that of DOGO that will help you teach basic tricks step by step using the clicker technique.

The second is that you teach him the two basic orders that every dog ​​has to know: sit and stop running or stay still. To achieve this you will have to do it, as we say, with a prize. Give the order and draw a path with your body and with it imitating the posture. Get up, repeat the command and re-gesture. When you understand and feel it, give it your prize.

7 things your dog hates you to do

👉 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: As good PetLovers, we always try to give our dogs the best. Therefore, today we want to tell you some very common mistakes that we make every day with our four-legged colleagues. Press play and discover 7 things that your dog hates about you, even if he loves you more than anything.

My dog ​​cries when he is left alone

If you keep crying and barking, a trick that does not usually fail is to leave the radio on not too loud and on a station that does not play music, just talk. With that murmur you will not feel so alone and, little by little, you will learn not to protest and to be more independent.

Ultimately, you can also welcome a second dog at home to play, but before doing this, we recommend that you contact our online ethologists to teach you how to educate him to learn to stay home alone.

In short, it is perfectly normal for your dog to want to be by your side and to follow you, but you have to learn to set limits so that it does not become a toxic relationship. Through positive reinforcement, that he learns to understand orders and with a couple of tricks from our ethologists, he will learn to follow you only motivated by love,Not because of emotional dependence.

Have you been left with doubts? Ask our veterinarians:

Why your dog doesn't want to play with you

  • His walks are very short. A dog doesn't just need to go out and do "his little things." Also, some exercise is necessary for your body and organism. Also, surely, if you work, the animal spends a lot of time alone at home, so a little fresh air is what you dream about all day long. If every day you take it out for five minutes and run home, as if more than a friend were a hindrance, the animal will notice. Do you really wonder why your dog doesn't want to play with you?
  • You ignore him. If the stress of daily life, your nervousness and lack of daily time makes you run home and run again making you pass in front of your dog as if it were not, do you really think there is no reason why that your dog doesn't want to play with you? We understand the matter if you have to go to work, but at night, instead of hurrying to go out with your friends, tell them to wait half an hour more and give quality time to your pet.
  • You throw him on your side when he looks for you. If every time your dog wants to be in your lap, say good morning or jump on you when you get home, but you reject it ... Can't you see why your dog doesn't want to play with you?
  • You don't give prizes. If you always scold him for what he does not do well, but never pamper him And you reward when you do something right, how do you expect me to respond?

We know that stress and daily worries sometimes lead us to do some of these things, because let's not forget that a pet is another responsibility in a day full of them. But do not give the minimum priority to your pet, you will be missing a lot if you do. Follow our advice so that your dog always wants to play with you.

What to do if your dog does not want to play with you

    Show empathy. Yes, put yourself in the place of your pet and think about how you would feel if after being alone at home for a long time someone came and ignored you. Or how would you take that they would not take you out except by obligation. Putting yourself in the place of your dog will help you understand his feelings and be more kind to him, making things move>And if I have everything but I have no love, I am nothing

-Roman theologian of the 1st century-

  • Give quality time. A misfortune will not happen because you spend five minutes a day after arriving from work to greet and give love to your dog, just that. Then take him for a walk and run, play with him and show him that he is very important to you, as much as you are to him.
  • Do not reject it. Receive him with a big smile whenever he comes looking for you. Show empathy and understand how good it makes you feel to be received with joy and love.
  • Give it whims. The whims are like gifts for your dog. A gift shows to the recipient that they have remembered him. Show your dog that you love him, that he makes you happy when he does things well and that you remember him throughout the day and not only when you see each other at home.

Remember, responsibilities involve time and effort, but if you learn to love in responsibility, the effort will be less burdensome.

My dog ​​just wants to be with me, scientifically speaking

If your dog is constantly following you, it is likely that you find it incredibly attractive or that you are tired of tripping over it all the time.

Anyway, it helps to understand some of the sciences behind why your dog can be constantly by your side.

The imprint Primitive ethologist Konrad Lorenz demonstrated how baby geese socialized with him (or came to recognize him as a father or other object of trust) by following him everywhere, even to the water.

"Puppies can also recognize people," says Burch. "The imprinting period for puppies is between three and 12 weeks."

Reinforcement. Often, dogs will follow their owners if their link is related to good things.

For example, "if a dog learns that good things, such as dog food, patting and fun activities, come from a particular human, they are more likely to follow that person," says Burch.

Race features Some breeds, especially those that have been bred for centuries to work with people, are more likely to be what Burch calls "velcro dogs."

Fellowship. Perhaps the most obvious reason, some dogs simply prefer the company of their human friends. «During the domestication process, natural selection She has shaped dogs to become partners for humans, ”said Laurie Santos, PhD, professor of psychology and director of the Center for Canine Cognition at Yale University.

“Domesticated dogs are now‘ linked ’with humans in some of the same ways as human children. In this sense, our link with dogs has evolved throughout domestication. "

In fact, the science behind the company between humans and dogs is varied and vast. In fact, "research has confirmed that ... the modern dog is really better at understanding humans than even our most closely related primates," said Oscar E. Chavez, DVM, associate professor at Cal Poly Pomona University.