My cat is sad, what can I do?


The cats, like people, can suffer depression. It is a serious problem and the symptoms are not always easy to identify. Therefore, this week we want to tell you about its symptoms, the causes and how we can solve if our cat is depressed.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of a depressed cat may be different depending on each case. Some of the most common are:

- Looks sad or dejected.

- He doesn't greet you when you arrive.

- He is not hungry or at least.

- Manifests personality changes.

- He is more aggressive.

- He has no desire to play and remains hidden for hours.

- Lack of personal hygiene or even your box.

- Sleep more hours.

What are the causes?

Like the symptoms, the causes can be several and diverse, among the most common highlights:

- Some change in the life and routine of the animal. For example: the death of a family member or pet, a new pet at home, the arrival of a new member to the family, a move ...

- Have a boring life without stimuli. Sometimes, we forget the animal because it seems independent, but cats need us to play with them.

How do we solve it?

1. The most important thing is to go to your trusted veterinarian in Madrid and explain the behavioral changes that our pet suffers, so you can rule out any health problems and can prescribe antidepressants or give us the solution for our specific case.

2. At home we must pay attention and not forget our pet. Interact and play with him and try to get a stimulating environment.

3. Put trees for cats, scrapers, access to windows to look outside and buy lots of toys at home.

Following these simple steps we will be able to modify his behavior and make him a happy animal again.

Causes why my cat is sad

The causes of feline depression can be very varied. The most common are:

  • Change of residence or family: the arrival to a new home, whether from the shelter to your home, or a move, requires a period of adaptation for everyone, including pets!
  • Loneliness: Do you spend too much time away from home? This could be taking its toll on the mood of your cat. Try to spend more time with him and pay attention to him!
  • Bad relationships: If your cat has taken some mania from someone who lives with him, this feeling of enmity causes tension, discomfort and irritability, causing the cat to become more and more isolated and sad.
  • Arrival of new members: If you have recently adopted another new pet or a baby has come home, rest assured that your cat is a little jealous and worried about its territory.
  • Disease: being bad always undermines the mood a lot, also in cats!
  • Shock or trauma: If your cat has gone through a traumatic situation, such as the death of a loved one or abuse, it is normal to be depressed. The best thing in these cases is to go to a professional.
  • Stress or anxiety: If your cat leads a slightly stressful life or its environment is not the most appropriate, it will end up a little depressed.

My cat is sad, what can I do?

Depression is more than just being sad, it is a mental health problem that needs a solution, do not downplay it! To overcome it, your cat needs to feel loved:

  • Talk to him, make him socialize and feel part of the family. Feeling isolated and only the worst for depression. Avoid quarrels and punishments.
  • Show him baby, caress him, massage, give prizes ... Make him feel loved.
  • Play with your cat every day, the time with you will forget everything bad that happens to you. In addition, you will be able to remain active and receptive for at least a while.
  • Search intelligence games, toys or any other distraction method for when your cat has to stay home alone. Letting him get bored is the worst.
  • Let your cat go outside, the contact with the sun, nature and fresh air helps a lot to clear the mind.
  • If your cat is sad because another of your pets has passed away, it is because he feels he has lost a friend. Animals grieve just like us! Consider adopting a new pet, it can help you a lot.
  • Consider giving your cat catnip, it makes them feel very good.

In most cases, These measures are usually enough for a cat to overcome its depression. However, there may be severe cases of cats that need medicationn, although this is usually left as a last resort.

If your cat is depressed, go to your veterinarian! You can even consider asking a pet psychologist for help. Everything is to make your cat feel better soon.


Felines are very susceptible to changes in the environment, and this is one of the main causes that can cause their character to be affected. A move, a change of family, or spending too much time alone, can cause your cat disorientation and sadness.

Cats, contrary to what they think, are social and emotional animals, who need to be in contact with you, and be able to develop their usual routines. Sometimes the arrival of a baby, the presence of a new pet in your home, or the loss of a loved one, are sufficient reasons for your cat to feel displaced, and adopt behaviors that manifest it.

There are two more factors that can explain these attitudes. The first factor is associated with the fact that your cat has experienced a traumatic episode that may have altered her well-being, generating stress or anxiety. The second may be due to the presence of a disease that has not yet manifested through other symptoms. In either case, it is important that you go to the veterinarian to determine the causes, and offer you the most convenient solutions.

In the event that the veterinarian discards a pathology, and is inclined for psychological reasons, we recommend that you follow the following guidelines to try to alleviate the situation of your sad cat:

- Cats, like dogs or other pets, need affection, dedication and affection. Caresses and games help foster your interaction and generate a healthy and happy bond.

- If under certain circumstances you cannot spend as much time as you would like, provide distractions that encourage your curiosity. Sometimes, a simple cardboard box or a specific toy for cats can be a challenge that is attractive enough for your cat to spend hours entertaining.

- Stimulate it through activities that you like, such as being able to frolic in a sunny place, doze in your favorite corner, and even brush it gently so that you feel cleaner and more comfortable.

- Above all, avoid yelling or incredulous. Your tone of voice and the way you approach it should be cordial and affectionate so that your cat perceives that you are close to him and want to help him.

If despite these tips your cat does not evolve favorably, you should go to a veterinarian specializing in animal behavior (ethologist) so that he can study their behaviors and treat them properly. Their experience, together with the information you provide, will help you so that your pet can recover its habitual behavior.

Symptoms that your cat is sad

Cats, although they have the reputation that they are not sociable, communicate with us even if it is not as expressive as a dog can be. Therefore, if we observe the behavior of our cat we can know if he is sad or not. Next we number what symptoms your cat may have when he is sad:

1. Sleep Much more hours than usual.

2. No eat As much as usual.

3. Has a more aggressive attitude With the people around him.

4. It lacks hygiene. When this occurs, cats usually have more dull, tangled and dull hair.

5. I don't know communicate both with you and hide more often, being able to spend hours and hours hidden.

6. Stop using the sandbox and pees out of it.

7. Does not feel like to play.

Causes of your cat's sadness

Once we know what symptoms we can observe in our cat to determine if it is sad, we will also explain what are the causes why cats get to sadness. Here are the most common:

1. Your cat has been a victim of abandonment and / or of abuse.

2. Has suffered a change of residence or family.

3. Your cat passes too many hours alone.

4. The arrival of a baby home can cause jealousy and therefore sadness in your feline.

Why can a cat be sad? - Causes of depression in felines

There are many causes that can cause sadness or depression in our pet, but to detect the exact cause we must review some significant factor that could have triggered this emotional problem. Below we explain the most common causes of depression in cats:

  • Change of residence or family: Some people say that cats are independent and lonely animals, but this is certainly not the case. Cats are sociable animals and feel very affected when a change of housing happens or moves away from their loved ones.
  • Loneliness: Although their character is not comparable to that of dogs, cats suffer when they spend long periods of time alone. In these cases it is ideal to offer intelligence toys and even think about adopting a partner. Affection and signs of affection are important to the cat.
  • Bad relationship with another household member: A prolonged or recent enmity can cause our cat to be suspicious, isolated and not wanting to spend time with us.
  • The arrival of the baby: The arrival of the baby is cause for happiness, but it is not always for everyone. If you have neglected the attention towards your cat or you have not prepared him properly for his arrival it may happen that your cat feels sad and displaced.
  • Adoption of a dog or cat: The "competition" for food, the best place on the couch or your touch can cause serious sadness and depression in your cat. Before the arrival of a new member it is very important to continue paying attention to our feline
  • Disease: As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, a disease can radically change the character of our cat making him feel apathetic, not wanting to eat and sad. Going to the veterinarian is essential whenever we detect any anomaly.
  • Stress and anxiety: The quarrels, the punishments, the bad treatments and even the lack of some of the freedoms of the animal welfare can repel in high levels of stress and anxiety. It is very important to offer our pet the best care so that he feels happy to be by our side.
  • Traumatic shock: An aggression or a terrible experience can lead our cat to suffer depression and sadness. In these cases, the ideal is to go to the specialist to offer us personalized guidelines for the specific case.

Each of these reasons may or may not affect the pet and it is that only if we know it well we can determine what factors have altered the safety and tranquility of the cat. These causes if fall seriously in psychology Our pet may be the cause of reluctance, apathy and even high levels of stress, it will depend on the case.

Depression treatment in cats

Depression directly affects mental health, whatever animal it may be. Any: a cat, dog or human only need support and love to overcome his ailments and forget all traces of such depression. Do not believe that a cat is antisocial, quite the opposite! It is a tremendously affectionate animal that needs to feel that it belongs to a family nucleus. In ExpertAnimal we give you some tips to resolve depression gradually:

  • Talk to him. Although he does not understand you a sweet and affectionate tone will awaken feelings of affection in him. Avoid scolding and punishing and provide the best care.
  • It is important that you spend time with your cat nearby: skin-to-skin contact stimulates their sensitivity and fosters a better relationship between you.
  • So that the contact between you is gratifying for the cat, make him caresses and massages Relaxing and soft, even if it seems funny or absurd, it is a good therapy to improve your quality of life.
  • Spend at least 30 minutes a day playing with your cat. Get a duster, a robot rat and even a ball with a rattle. Any option is good as long as you both participate in the game. Do not remove the toy if you have it in your mouth, take it when you stop paying attention to keep it active. Discover some proposals about cat toys.
  • Find a suitable distraction for those moments when the cat is alone. You will find in the market amazing intelligence games that will make your cat spend hours to find a solution, the most popular is undoubtedly the cat kong.
  • Make him feel useful. If your cat hunts a cockroach or brings a dead dove to your lap, congratulate him! We know that it is not pleasant (it is more, sure that you want to vomit just to see it) but in spite of everything you will have to accept it as what it is: a gift. Discover in ExpertAnimal more things about why cats bring dead animals.
  • Increase your cat's contact with the sun and nature. Although it seems that the sun is only there, receiving its rays is very beneficial for mood and regeneration.
  • If your cat has lost someone, be it a family member or another pet you can try to alleviate the pain if it is sociable. Adopt a new pet to keep each other company and have a best friend by your side.
  • Stimulate it with catnip or catnip grass although you should take caution when doing so. Some cats become tremendously excitable.

These are just some of the causes that can cause depression in the cat but there are many more. Paying attention to our pet and offering the best care are the most effective tools to overcome this problem.

Severe cases of depression in cats

If you have followed the advice mentioned above for at least a week and do not notice a significant improvement in your cat's behavior you should weigh go to a specialist.

The vet can recommend the medication use since in the market we find variants of antidepressants dedicated exclusively to animals. However, these types of drugs can have serious consequences, creating animals that are addicted or that require lifelong treatment. Alternative therapies such as homeopathy can also help.

Your choice is to choose what type of treatment your pet will receive but yes, strictly follow the advice of the professional to prevent the problem from lengthening over time. Do not forget that the more entrenched the cat has the behavior, the harder it will be to treat it.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

If you want to read more articles similar to My cat is depressed - Causes, symptoms and treatmentWe recommend that you enter our section on Mental Problems.

Do you have a sad cat?

"Oh, I think my cat is not hungry and hides under the bed, well, nothing happens, it will happen, cats have no emotional problems." - Insurance??

Just as we humans feel sad, down or down some days, the cats they can also to be depressed. The cats, dogs and many other animals they have emotions, like humans. So if you doubted it, of course it could happen that a cat go through a bad time and be sad!.

Since the 90's the feline behavior scholars already recognized that the cats they could be sad or depressed. But it is clear that many cat owners around the world already knew this for centuries. A happy cat is perceived. Cats in which everything is going well are active, happy, purr, fiddle and seek contact with their friends, be it their owner or other cats. But sometimes things are not going well, and there may be many reasons for a cat sits down and lacking in joy. You'd know recognize a sad cat?

7 signs that a cat is sad

"Sadness" is a generic word, but the sadness in a cat (and in a person) can be of various types and respond to different causes. Do youHow to know if your cat is sad really? Since we cannot speak directly with our cat, the easiest is observe their behavior and above all be aware of whether there has been changes in your habits If you observe one or more of these signs and especially if you think that before your cat did not act like this, it may be that your cat East sad or going through a low moment:

  • 1. Your cat does not want to eat or has less appetite than before
  • 2. Your cat hides a lot under the bed or sofa
  • 3. A sad cat can stop cleaning
  • 4.A sad cat sometimes stops using the sandbox or pees outside its box
  • 5. Your cat does not look for your caresses as much as before, or on the contrary, suddenly it does not separate from you
  • 4. He is apathetic and does not want to play
  • 5. Your cat sleeps more hours than before: Yes, all cats are sleepers, but if you notice that your cat suddenly sleeps more than the bill and spends all day lying in his crib may be one of the symptoms that he is sad.
  • 6. Your cat meats more than before or the other way around, suddenly he says nothing
  • 7. Your cat looks aggressive, buff or is more irritable than normal


Maria del Carmen Carmen Barciela says

Very good article that calmer. Life sometimes leads us to leave them alone for hours and my Tomy is very cuddly, I began to caress him and I'm glad his purr that these days I did not feel, still did not eat or drink but did not purr and now if with caresses and much patience, something that sometimes we can not for Life



Rebeca Mora says

I have 6 kittens all are rescued of which two of them got sick from the urinary tract thanks to God I put them on treatment and they were quite relieved but one of 6 years old she was already chubby and got even more chubby to such a degree ke I see her a little obese she looks pretty with her fatness but I worry that she does not play it is rare to see her playing with the others it is a little bit that she kills herself and goes alone asleep she sleeps too much and eats but not as much and drinks water her stool looks normal only your pee if it is something dark and something thick and does not do every so often but when you pee quite a bit what worries me is that I will get bad again from the urinary tract or that x your obesity will make me sick of another thing ... please if any veteran expert could help me and the vetrerinario doctor who sees me says that her behavior is normal ke she is simply sleepy and spider x that she is like that ... thank you very much for your response.

Rebeca Mora says

I have 6 kittens all are rescued from which two of them got sick from the urinary tract thanks to God I gave them treatment and they were quite relieved but one of them was already chubby and got even more chubby to such a degree that I see her a little obese she looks pretty with her fatness but I'm worried that she doesn't play it's weird to see her playing with the others it's a little bit that she gets killed and goes to sleep alone sleeps too much and eats but doesn't eat much and drinks water her stool looks normal only her pee if it is something dark and something thick and does not do every so often but when it peps a long time ago what worries me is that I will get bad again from the urinary tract or that x your obesity will make me sick of something else ... xfavor if some veteran expert could help me and the vetrerinario doctor that sees me says that her behavior is normal that she is simply sleepy and aragana x that she is like that ... thank you very much for your response.

Martha Ballen says

My cat of a time paraca just sleeps, and eats but very little his poop is normal and his chichi, take it to the veterinarian and apparently everything is fine, but it stresses me that it is like this, a few days ago I adopted a kitten of 2 months they take Well, but now the cat gave her to believe that the cat is her mother and annoys him looking for the techniques the worst thing is that he is left. Don't see what I have to do