How to choose the best toy for your dog


Hours of entertainment and exercise are a very important part of pet life., as well as their diet or hygiene. But is any toy worth it? Do not! It is important to know how to choose the best dog toy depending on the characteristics and needs of each pet.

Game hours stimulate the curiosity and intelligence of dogs, encourage physical activity and help strengthen their relationship with you and their trust in you. Therefore, it is time to find your perfect toy!

Choose the best dog toy

If you want your dog grow healthy happy happy and develop a great rapport with you, spend time playing with him. But you must find the ideal toy! Depending on its size, strength, activity ... the type of toy varies from dog to dog.

Although it seems obvious, for starters, the best dog toy ... is a dog toy! It is better not to use objects or toys that are not specially manufactured for them, since the materials may not be appropriate, or even dangerous, pose a risk of suffocation, etc.

What kind of dog toy suits my pet?

Consider the strength of your pet. They should be bite-resistant toys, but without being hard, because they could hurt themselves. In addition to lasting longer, They will be entertainment for hours.

There is a lot to choose from, from hard “bones” of animal skins, flying discs, balls, food-stuffed toys… Find what your pet likes best!

The toys for puppies

Puppies have special needs, also in toys! To choose the best dog toy if you have a puppy, keep in mind that he is developing his dentures. Toys are an excellent way to favor that process!

Be sure to look for an appropriate size and sturdy material to last as long as possible. Some include odors or attractive flavors so that puppies love them.

What material to choose

Dog toys They come in lots of different materials: nylon, latex, vinyl, rubber, plush, stuffed animal ... There are many options!

For puppies, the most appropriate are the soft ones, of fabrics or stuffed animals, so that your teeth do not suffer. An option suitable for toddlers but much more resistant is latex.

For adult dogs, rubber is a very good option. They last a lot, do not deform and they already have enough strength to handle them. Yes! Look for it to be 100% natural rubberIf not, it could be harmful to your pet. Vinyl toys for adult dogs are also great.

When you go to buy the best dog toy, Once you have chosen the type that suits you, make sure you get an approved toy, that is, suitable for use in pets and with good quality guarantees. Remember! Avoid giving objects and toys you have at home. I could ingest parts and be in danger.

Size and texture

Even if you are a fully developed adult, a Yorkshire Terrier can never have the mouth of a German Shepherd, so when choosing your dog's toys, remember to take into account the size and power of his jaw. You should also consider the resistance of the toy: if it is not consistent it could break and your dog could aspirate or swallow the detached fragments, being able to choke, choke or have gastrointestinal problems. For the same reasons, if you detect that your toys start to break down, have tears or tears, it is best to think about changing them for new ones.

Toy size is also important. If it is too small, your dog could swallow it easily. As a general rule, he thinks that a toy small enough to fit behind its molars is always a risk factor.

Finally, keep in mind that even if you decide on the toys you will offer your dog, he will have his own preferences and will always be willing to let you know.

Types of toys

Even with all the information in the world, you may feel disoriented when choosing a toy in your pet store. There are four types of basic toys, and surely some of them will become your dog's favorite.

There are balls for dogs made of rubber, plush, foam, tennis and many more. Some are so sophisticated that they even float and glow in the dark ... so you can play with your dog even in the pool and in the middle of the night! However, a classic model may be equally valid to keep your dog active. When you find the ball with the right size for your dog, make sure it is made of durable material and that it is not easy to break. Balls are a fantastic toy because dogs love to play and fetch, and that also involves you in the game, helping to strengthen the bond that unites you.

Most dogs are waddled to play a rope with their owners or with other dogs. And although some may think that this can lead to aggressive behavior, there is nothing to fear if it is played properly and your dog is properly educated. Perhaps the most important thing to remember about dog ropes is that they should be tough and not break easily. They are usually made of linen, leather, cotton or other types of fibers, so it is necessary to replace them as soon as they begin to fray or break. It is also important to remember that you should avoid playing aggressively "tug-of-war" with your dog, and you should never pull the rope hard to get it out of the mouth, as it could cause damage to the mouth. If you want him to stop biting you, you will have to train him to do so by responding to orders such as "leave" or "release." Finally, although the dogs jaw is very strong, you should never pull the rope vertically to lift your dog off the ground while biting it: it could cause problems in the jaw, neck and spine.

Toys to put croquettes and toys to bite

Although anything can be bitten for dogs, there are toys specifically designed for this purpose. They are usually made of nylon or hard rubber, and are designed to be durable. Some can even be filled with prizes and used as a tool during training. These toys should be soft enough to bite without posing a risk to the teeth, but hard enough not to break into small pieces. As your dog grows you will have to adapt the size and hardness of his toys to bite (those of puppies are smaller and softer and those of larger and harder adult). Finally, in the case of toys in which croquettes can be placed, be sure to use healthy food or prizes to keep it healthy while active.

The right choice

The choice of toys and all the entertainment elements we use for our dogs is something we should pay the utmost attention to. Although these are objects created for fun, their poor choice can cause them different problems and expose them to many risks:

  • The first thing to consider is to know how to differentiate toys with which the animal can enjoy alone and those that can be used for fun under our supervision.
  • There are other types of objects that are totally harmless.
  • There are also some that are good to be used in some stages, as is the case with dog training.

Stuffed dolls

Teddies are the favorite toys of many dogs, but unfortunately in most cases they are not very safe because they break easily and dogs can ingest small detached pieces. However, stuffed animals can be acceptable toys if used with proper supervision. They can be a good option to provide comfort to very young puppies before the teething phase, as they sometimes love snuggling over them to sleep. If your dog loves this type of toys, it is not necessary to remove them, but make sure he can distinguish which stuffed animals are his and which belong to the children of the family. These toys, like prizes, can also be used to train dogs. If you notice that yours has a preference for a particular stuffed animal, give it as a reward when it obeys a specific order such as "" sit ". Teaching him what his toys are is also an important part of the training, which will also help you avoid biting inappropriate objects such as children's furniture or toys. Always remember that the choice of the toy should be in accordance with the age, size and intensity of the "" chewing habits "" of your dog. Also, keep in mind that as your dog grows, you will have to switch from puppy toys to adult toys and, subsequently, to senior dogs. And that safety must always go first, closely followed by fun.

Forms and materials

The toys that will serve for any moment, that is, those that the dog can use, whether we are or are not their owners, can be of different formats and materials.

The forms and the "chewable" hard rubber are suitable, since they do not tear and the dog is not in danger of swallowing a piece, or hurting his mouth with them. Keep in mind that these types of toys must be of sufficient size so that there is no danger of being swallowed completely, depending on the animal.

For the puppies, It is necessary to choose hard toys. This is because your baby teeth should not get stuck in the softer gums, detaching and hurting ahead of time.

Not recommended toys

Plastic toys are not recommended., since they break easily and can be swallowed or damage the dog's mouth.

When the dog is under our supervision, we can use other elements, provided they are not toxic or tear. For example, the classic tennis ball, of a small size, that will help us throw it and run to catch it. Always keep in mind that, If the toy breaks, we have to remove it immediately.

In the case of golf balls, they provide substances that are not recommended for the can, They will be toxic in the medium and long term. In addition, its small size can cause the animal to swallow them by accident.

Cloth sets and stuffed animals can release some of the material of their composition, and all this will be ingested by our pet during his game. They are not recommended at all.

What is the material?

If we don't know the toy's manufacturing material, the kind of paint it has, or if it has parts that could come off, the best thing to do isprevent dog from playing with that element.

Nor is it a good idea to let him play with rags, cloth or other similar objects, among other things because the animal will understand that this type of elements can bite them, and will do so with the most expensive clothes found in the house.

Toys for everyone

All dogs should haveDog's Toys:

  • They help release energy through the game.
  • They fight stress and reduce anxiety when the animal chews them.
  • They help keep the property of the owners intact.
  • They keep the dogs mind active.
  • They help in animal learning.
  • We serve the owners for those moments of play, always essential.

But nevertheless, we must bear in mind not to let our pet play with anything that is not going to be his toy for life, because you will be teaching him to bite "forbidden" things. If we do not want the animal to bother children who play football in the parks close to home, the best we can do is not accustom our dog to bite a soccer ball, thus avoiding a future problem from the beginning.

The same happens at home, we have to accustom our pet toplay with what we allow in front of our presence and when we are not.

What toy do I buy for my dog?

Once we know more or less what size your new hobbies should be, it's time to head to the store. The shopping list is something that everyone should do, but it is true that balls with sound and teethers usually succeed almost always. But you should know that if it is a nervous animal, it is better to buy toys that do not emit any sound. For this dog, you can buy him one feed filling ball, which will help you to be calmer by forcing him to turn his toy so he can eat his treats.

For the puppies, nothing like stuffed or latex toys, or even biting ropes. With any of them you will have a great time while learning to bite without hurting your teeth.

The importance of the game

A dog needs to play for its own welfare. Since he is a puppy, thanks to the game he learns to relate, which will turn him into a sociable adult dog tomorrow. Toys also help humans to strengthen emotional ties with his hairy, and vice versa.

Factors to consider when selecting a toy

There are several factors that we must take into account before selecting a toy for our dog. Let's see the most important:

The materials with which these products are made are not good for all dogs. Although in some cases it may be possible to generalize, age is usually an important issue when choosing a toy for your dog. Why? Because for example, The teeth of an elderly canine will not have the same strength as those of a young one.

There are toys that serve to exercise the mind that a young dog does not need, or some more interactive than an old dog can not use.

Therefore, for puppies, for example, toys that help the development of their teeth will be needed.

For adults, the best thing will be a toy that helps him not to feel alone, as items with interaction, and especially that he can play with you. For this there are the flying discs, balls with prize and others. Take a tour of the pet store and you'll see that something is happening to you.

Stuffed toy

What a toy is filled with is important, since it will depend on how much life the object will have. If it is of poor quality, your dog will most likely destroy it that same day. However, a product with a quality padding can make the toy more useful for longer.

Fiber is an excellent material to ensure this, because it makes the toy resume its original shape thus extending its life. In addition, the touch of your dog's teeth will be pleasant.

Manufacturing materials

The main manufacturing materials in a dog's toy are: nylon, rubber, latex and vinyl.

Nylon is the material most used in the manufacture of stuffed animals, making soft toys ideal for puppies, since they also have less danger of intestinal obstruction.

Latex is more resistant than nylon, therefore, if your puppy is unruly or perhaps somewhat aggressive, this material will be perfect. It will last much longer, it is soft for your teeth but at the same time strong to favor its development. In addition, being a natural tissue, even if you swallow a piece, it will not cause problems.

Rubber is a hard material that will be suitable for adult dogs, especially if they are large. It is not an element as natural as latex, although you can get 100% natural rubber toys in some stores. It is a bit more expensive, but it can save your pet's life. To differentiate natural rubber from non-natural rubber, you just have to smell it. If it smells like a tire, that's the one.

And finally we have vinyl toys. It is the heaviest but also the toughest material. If your dog ingests it it could have problems, however, the toy factories for dogs have made different products of this material that do not pose any danger to your pet, so you can rest assured to buy a vinyl toy for your furry friend . For large dogs they are the best and the ones that last the most.

These are the tips we wanted to give you regarding toys, are we going to play?