Why do cats lick their owners? The reason will move you


If you have one or more cats, you will surely have been through this situation: your cat is licking you quietly. And suddenly it bites you! What has happened? Do you not like the massage you were offering? Why do you carry out this behavior?

In this Animal Expert article we will enter the feline world, explaining to you why your cat licks you and then bites you based on the behavior of the species and its meaning. In addition, we will also show you the guidelines to follow to prevent your cat from biting you. Keep reading!

The communication of cats

Although we are experienced owners, it is not always easy to understand what our cat tries to tell us, so it is essential to enter the feline universe and learn more about the body language of cats. Regularly review related and based articles the ethology (the science that studies animal behavior) can help us to know more about our beloved cats and to interpret certain behaviors properly.

As you know, cats use their bodies to communicate with us and to express their emotions, so when your best friend licks you and after you nibble you must be very attentive to your body, in this way you will better understand why he is manifesting this behavior.

Pay attention: Maybe you scared him while he groomed you and that's why he bit you? Did your cat lick you while purring and keep doing it while taking soft bites? The way in which your cat carries out certain practices expresses much more than you imagine!

There is no single way to interpret the licking of cats, as well as about bites, much less if we talk about licks and bites together, therefore, we will try to explain in detail the purpose of these behaviors, both characteristic of this species:

Why do cats lick?

The tongue of cats is undoubtedly unique: it is formed by small keratin spines, which are especially useful when cleaning themselves, untangling their hair, removing dirt from their mantle and drinking water.

Therefore, when a cat licks us, even more so if our cat licks our hair, it is carrying out a grooming behavior, as if we were one more cat. It is a very positive social behavior, which manifests a good bond with the owner and the desire to make us feel more comfortable.

Still, cats also lick like show of affection, since he has learned through associations that it is something that pleases us and also generates endless caresses and affection. On the other hand, an excessive and incessant licking (even compulsive) can mean that something is not going well and that the well-being of our best friend is compromised, is therefore an indication of stress and anxiety, in which case we recommend you review the 5 most frequent symptoms of stress in the cat.

Why do cats bite?

As with licking, a bite can also have several meanings, however, who has been bitten by a cat very angry or very scared He knows that it has nothing to do with the bites that a playful cat can take, even if they are somewhat painful. Truly angry or scared cats show body language very expressive, contracted, rigid and bristly, accompanied in addition to snorts, meowing of alertness and curved back.

These types of bites (accompanied in addition to painful scratches) have absolutely nothing to do with the bites per game, which usually carry them out when they get out of control, the bites of warning, so that we stop bothering or caressing you, of the bites like show of affection, which are usually more controlled and repetitive.

So why do cats lick and bite?

Some cats may bite after licking us like warning sign so that we stop caressing them, others can do it as a show of affection more and a third group could do it as one more sequence that entails the grooming, that is, grooming.

When cats clean each other they lick and nibble, to perform thorough hygiene and brushing, so it would be completely normal that during a session of "beauty" our partner would bite us. It is something totally normal and typical of its kind, it is not a negative behavior.

When the bite hurts.

It may happen that our cat, by biting us, hurts us. What should we do then? The first thing will be to highlight that under no circumstances should we scold him, since our feline is carrying out social behavior, even if it is not entirely pleasant.

How should we act when a cat bites us? Ideally, after the bite let's stop stroking it or paying attention. If we are constant and always follow the same pattern, with the passage of time, our cat will associate the bite with the end of the game or the caressing session.

At the same time, it will be essential to use positive reinforcement and reinforce behaviors that please us, such as being calm, licking without getting to bite or purr placidly. For this we can use a simple "very good" or bet on tasty prizes, such as a piece of cooked chicken.

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Tender reasons why kittens love to groom their masters

This February 20 is celebrated on "Cat Day"If you are a cat lover and you have one at home, surely you have asked yourself many questions about some of their peculiar behaviors and their way of showing affection or affection.

Some kittens express their affection through massages or bites and others decide to lick or groom their owners. It is precisely this last action that most surprises us and leads us to ask ourselves, why do they do it? According to experts, there are several reasons.

1.- It is a way of socializing

Small cats often lick each other constantly as a way to help and relate. Meanwhile, adult cats also do it, especially as a way to help other cats clean those parts of their body that they cannot reach (such as their ears or their backs). Maybe if your cat licks you, he just wants to interact with you.

2.- He has confidence and wants to protect you

If your cat licks you constantly, maybe he's trying to bathe you. Not because it means that you are a dirty person, but since your cat loves you and has confidence in you, he has decided to bathe you like his mother did when he was little. Its intention is to protect you from all viruses and bacteria that threaten health. They are the best, right?

3.- Anxiety

Many times cats feel stressed. One of its self defense mechanisms to get rid of your stress is to lick. They can groom themselves or lick plastic, cloth, carpets, glass or your addictive face.

4.- Why does your tongue scratch?

Their languages ​​fulfill two great functions that are food intake and hygiene. Therefore, they have small keratin hooks, the same material from which their nails are made, which allows them to scrape their food and also works as a kind of comb capable of cleaning the dirt of their fur.

Now that you know why your cat licks you, go and buy him his pate or his favorite toy with catnip to reward him.

1. As a means of social bonding

Cats don't just groom themselves, but also to others. As there are certain areas that are somewhat complicated to "arrive" no matter how contortionist, always need the help of another feline (mother, brothers, partners) to comply with personal hygiene.

This does not mean that your cat thinks you're dirty and that's why he licks you, but it's a way to bond with you exchanging smells.

2. How to express your love

The language of cats is not equal to that of people and that goes without saying. So how does he tell you he loves you? Licking you! For him you are his family and that is why he does the same as his mother when he was a baby. Thus He shows you his love and also that he is comfortable at your side. In addition, it can be a way to make a compliment by expressing that he feels safe in your presence.

3. As an anxiety reducer

If you see your cat licking himself compulsively (to the point of hurting himself), or that he has been taught with your hand or face, perhaps it is because is going through a time of great stress or anxiety. If you experience these symptoms, you may want to lick or suck other surfaces and objects such as cloth, plastics, toys, etc. Thus they relieve their tensions.

4. How to play

Playing with our pet is really beautiful. For cats, licking their peers reminds them of early childhood when they had not yet separated from their brothers and mother. This link that you have forged with you should not cut. So if in the middle of the game he licks you, let him do it. He's saying he has a lot of fun! Remember that the chemicals you release during the game allow you to relax and be comfortable.

My cat licks me: how do I act?

If you have a puppy cat, It is likely that he first licks you and then bites you. This behavior is not to punish him much less ... since for them it is a game, simple fun. It does not do it with evil. Of course, the bites must be soft.

Otherwise you should teach him not to. Pay attention if it bites you hard and your coat is twitching, because that is a sign that you do not like something or that you are having aggressive behavior that must be eliminated.

Be patient with your kitten if he has just been separated from his mother and he has adopted you as a protector, because he will lick you all the time. The same if it is a mother who has had several puppies and have already been adopted by other families.

Beyond any explanation, If your cat licks you, you should consider it a gesture of love and love as there is no other. It means that he has a nice connection with you and that he loves you very much.

How to prevent my cat from licking me

However, we know that sometimes this type of behavior can be a bit annoying for some people. Especially if you have some kind of allergy to your cat's saliva or simply if you are a little picky about the subject of licking you. In that case you should know that there are several ways to avoid it.

There are people who don't like a cat to lick them

Of course, you should never aggressively or violently reject your cat, so never push it if it tries to lick you. On the contrary, try to remain calm, without shouting and avoiding intense physical reactions.

Better try to redirect your attention with some toy, since the game is always good. Because in addition to keeping your feline pet active, it is an excellent way to strengthen the bond between the two. In addition the pheromones that your cat releases during physical activity will help you relax and feel comfortable. You can also see why my cat bites me.

So the bestway to prevent your cat from licking you is that you are alert to know what are the signs that your cat is about to start licking you, and if it seems convenient, before it starts, distract him and play a lot with him. Without a doubt, it is the best way to avoid this cat behavior.

But remember that a lick of your pet will always be one of the greatest signs of affection I can have with you. So if your pussy licks you, feel very lucky because it means he already considers you part of his and he will always try to keep you clean and groomed. You may want to read why my cat throws up.

In Curio Sfera .com we hope this explanation of why my cat licks me It has been useful to you. We also wish that it has served you to understand a little more the cat behavior and how can these lovely pets show their affection.

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The tongue and the lick

The tongue of the cat is a very important and very versatile organ for the pussycat. It is rough due to the spike effect of its conical papillae.

And the pussy uses it with various objectives: as brush, for remove dead skin and hair in grooming, to eat, for the hunting, in the detection of flavors, etc.

That is why we see that cats spend all day licking, brushing, removing leftover hairs, etc. and repeat that custom with your feline companions, if they have them.

Sometimes, they even lick other things like cotton, plastic, bedding, etc. Unfortunately, this habit of licking materials can go further (when the cat also ingests the materials) and becomes a problem. This occurs in cats with pica, for example.

Lick excessively

If the cat is licking too much, you should check the reason with the vet.

Many cats lick themselves hard and even hurt themselves when they have stress, or following some pathology That cause that effect. You have to differentiate between a normal lick and a lick that can be harmful or a sign that something is wrong.

If the reason for the excess of lam

Why can your cat lick you?

There are several reasons that I explain below, but when cats lick their humans it is usually for a positive behavior.

We humans don't always take it as such anyway, even because our cat's lick may be annoying.

That is why it is important to know the possible reasons why your cat licks you, and thus act accordingly:

    To get your attention: sometimes cats use the lam> My cat licks me, what do I do?

If you have a small kitten, these licking games and small bites are more likely, but there are also many adult cats that do.

As long as it is a normal behavior that is not the result of a stress situation or that can cause damage, it is best to enjoy these love licks. After all, it is a symbol of closeness between you and your cat.

Now there are people who upset When your cat licks him In those cases it is best to have patience and not act with anger or anger, since the pussycat will not understand that reaction to something positive that he is sharing with you.

If you look at your cat maybe you can detect previous signals to the lick, and when you see what they are giving, avoid that he comes to lick you with some distraction or offering him something else he likes (a prize, for example).

Our experience

In our case we have not left two very licking cats towards us, they do show their affection in many other ways but the most common is not licking.

Anyway, especially Kato, if you ever lick us to test us if we have touched something, and also very punctually as one more affection, Conxa is still less to lick, but as we explained, yes it is more than love bites.

And when they lick us as a sign of love, we accept it with a lot of love and we love it, probably because it happens so few times that we enjoy it to the fullest.