Anemia in dogs: symptoms and feeding


Do you have a dog with anemia? This disease makes your dog is in a very delicate moment of his life. You need to recover soon! But You can help with proper care and feeding. In this article we tell you what you should do to help a dog overcome the state of anemia.

Feeding a dog with anemia

Feeding is the key for a dog with anemia to get well. Anemia is a serious lack of iron, protein and some of the most important vitamins. If your dog's anemia is NOT hemorrhagic, you can feed him with the following nutrients so that he will recover his normal nutritional levels:

  • Iron: helps absorb the rest of nutrients from food. You find it in: salmon, bonito, clams, beef liver, lamb or ox meat, sardines, beans ...
  • Vitamin C: kiwis, oranges, peppers, sprouts, cauliflower, melon, spinach ...
  • Protein: animal meats, eggs, cabbage, sea bream, mackerel, spinach ...
  • Vitamin B complex: mackerel, apple, oatmeal, watermelon, lamb brains, pork kidneys, beef heart, potatoes, banana, rice flour.

Causes of anemia in dogs

There may be many reasons behind an absence of red blood cells in the blood of a dog, but the most frequent are related to feeding the animal or a parasitic infection, especially in puppies, who usually have anemia after having suffered an important plague of ticks or fleas. Other circumstances that can cause the appearance of this condition are internal bleeding due to a blow or ulcer, the genetic background of the dog, the spread of an infectious disease, pregnancy in the case of females or having lost a lot of blood after suffer a severe blow or accident.

Symptoms of anemia in dogs

As in the case of human beings, a dog with anemia will be much weaker and with very little energy. He will have gone from being an active, dynamic and playful dog to spending the dead hours lying on the ground because he won't feel strong enough to waste the little strength he has left. In addition, the appetite of the hairiest of the house will be diminished and this will cause the lack of caloric resources to be even greater.

Moreover, also attention should be paid to the color of the tongue and gums of the animal. As mentioned earlier, anemia causes a significant absence of red blood cells, which are what give it that characteristic red tone. Thus, when the amount of this type of cells is not as abundant as it should be, some muscles or soft tissues of the body acquire a paler color that will facilitate the diagnosis of the clinical sign in question. In some cases, yellow will be another pigment that can help to perceive the existence of anemia in the dog, but this time it will be the eyes and skin of the dog that will turn from this hue.

Feeding for dogs with anemia

Caring for the tooth of the dog is a fundamental factor when the animal suffers from anemia, which usually causes deficiencies of iron, vitamins and proteins. Thus, it is essential to include this type of elements in the dog's diet so that the fault caused by this disease is compensated. On the other hand you also have to be very careful with what is fed to the pet if anemia has been caused by the existence of an ulcer in the stomach or digestive system, since certain types of food can make it more big and make the problem more complicated to solve. In this way, you should always consult a veterinarian before carrying out any important change in the feeding of the dog, and especially if your health is being compromised.

If the professional does not inconvenience, it would be advisable to include iron-rich foods in the dog's diet such as lamb or buy meat, salmon, sardines, bonito or cockles. Nor would it be wrong to replace the lack of Vitamins C and B with some fruit, such as melon, orange, banana or watermelon, or vegetables, such as cauliflower, pepper or potatoes. Proteins, present in chicken, eggs, spinach or sea bream, and cereals, such as oatmeal or rice, should also be included in the dog's diet if you want to fight the anemia you suffer. In the market you can find many types of feed that include these compounds among their list of ingredients, but You can also get out of the ordinary and surprise the dog with a homemade dish in which some of these foods are found.


  1. Cook the rice in water with a little olive oil and without salt.
  2. Cut the salmon, pepper and sweet potato into small cubes, in an appropriate size for your dog.
  3. When approximately 10 minutes remain before the rice is finished, add the chopped pieces and add the egg so that it is also cooked in the shell (wash it before).
  4. When finished cooking, stir everything well (you will have to crush the egg and integrate it too). Let it cool

Ready! It only remains to take an appropriate ration and give it to your dog. The rest you can separate it by portions and keep it for later or freeze it.

Do not want to eat?

It is common for dogs with anemia not to eat, The feeling of weakness usually takes away your appetite. To avoid getting undressed more, follow these tips:

  • Instead of water, Feed him chicken broth without salt.
  • Once you accept the broth, You can add rice and vegetables.
  • You can offer Watermelon or melon pieces, which give vitamins and help hydrate. Do not abuse either, since they have enough sugar.
  • Fresh cheese without salt It is also a very nutritious option if your dog digests dairy well.

Other care for a dog with anemia

Feeding is not the only important thing when a dog is sick. Keep in mind that an anemic dog is really weak, so it is important not to force him to exercise intensely or expose him to excessive cold or heat.

Remember to stay well hydrated, always give fresh water or soup as appropriate. A dog in these conditions is very vulnerable and is very exposed to possible parasites, especially the intestinal ones. Always spoil your dog.

On the other hand, Never put aside the vaccination schedule and let the veterinarian advise you everything you need to take care of your dog during his anemia. Periodic visits to assess its evolution will be necessary.

If your dog has anemia, don't waste a minute and go to the vet! You need treatment urgently.

How to care for a dog with anemia

The treatment of anemia in dogs basically focuses on act on the causes that cause itFor that reason, we can offer you food and care that improve your condition and overall health. Next we will detail the different types of homemade and natural treatments that we can offer a dog with anemia. Do not forget that these tips do not replace veterinary treatment.

Example of homemade diet for a dog with anemia

This recipe is very simple and easy to do and take a little of each of the ingredients mentioned above. In addition, the quality of the products and the homemade process will help your dog to eat, one of the most common problems in anemia.

Get the following ingredients:

  • 200 grams of rice
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 egg
  • 200 grams of salmon
  • 1 sweet potato

Follow this simple step by step:

  1. Prepare a saucepan with plenty of water on the heat and add a little olive oil.
  2. When the water is boiling, you should add the rice that takes about 20 minutes to cook.
  3. Cut the other ingredients into appropriate pieces for your dog's size. The most common is in small dice.
  4. When 10 minutes to finish cooking add the missing ingredients: pepper, egg, salmon and bonito.
  5. When the process is finished, simply remove the rice and the ingredients and let them stand until they cool a little.
  6. Crush the egg (with the shell included>

Tricks for a dog with anemia who does not want to eat

Observe how the health of our dog worsens is a terrible sensation and that is, although we prepare delicious and tasty recipes, on many occasions it does not seem to be enough for a sick dog. If this is your case, at ExpertAnimal we offer you some tricks that can help you:

  • Try to encourage him to drink chicken broth (without salt or other condiments) instead of water. This will hydrate and provide plenty of protein.
  • If your dog agrees to drink the chicken broth try to include rice and some vegetables rich in vitamins such as apple and cauliflower.
  • If your dog has no problem eating fruit, try to offer him watermelon and melon bits very rich in water and vitamins. However try not to abuse them as they have a high sugar content.
  • Although they are not especially digestible, some dogs perfectly accept the consumption of soft cheese without salt, which is an excellent protein intake.

The dog with anemia feels weak and sensitive typical of the lack of vitamins and iron, so we must take precautions during the walks trying not to expose to excessive heat, exercise or extremely long walks. We will try to drink fresh water or soup frequently to avoid dehydration during the day. That can cause an increase in the urge to urinate so it will be useful to make more walks during the day but of short duration.

Let's not forget that one of the most common causes of anemia is due to the appearance of external or intestinal parasites. Deworm our dog externally on a monthly basis and internally deworming on a quarterly basis will be good advice so that this does not happen again. The monitoring of the vaccination calendar and the veterinary visit every 6 months mandatory will be ways to prevent this disease from developing again.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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