Pregnancy in Miniature Schnauzers


Schnauzer's pregnancy and much more childbirth, is a situation that puts almost everyone on the nerves. So that there are no problems it is important to be informed about what should be done at all times, so everything will be much simpler.

Keep in mind that these recommendations are valid for all Schnauzer varieties.

The pregnancy of dogs lasts about 65 days. In the first days it is not possible to notice that the Schnauzer is pregnant, but as of day 19 a remarkable development already begins. Therefore, around day 22 it is advisable perform the first ultrasound to verify that everything goes well, since it can already distinguish the head and trunk of the embryo.

Around the 30th day of gestation the organs are already formed, it is time to Go to the vet, who will perform an exploration by palpating the abdomen of the dog and can determine the sex of the puppies.

From this moment the growth accelerates and it is the time where you have to take precautions and be aware of the way the pregnant Schnauzer behaves, as it can discard fetuses. If you notice that your spot dog you should immediately go to the veterinarian for examination.

About 15 days before the deadline is set, puppies already look similar to what they will have at the time of delivery, so we must be prepared. We must place in a familiar and quiet area of ​​the house, everything necessary for the birth of the Schnauzer. Said space must be large enough for the dog to enter stretched along with its puppies. To prepare the area you can use plastic boxes, with rather high walls to prevent newborns from leaving the area. It is best to line the box of towels not too large, to be able to remove them when they get stained. In addition to the box we must have prepared more towels, scissors, thread and betadine.

We know that our Schnauzer will be in labor in the next few hours because you will feel discouraged and withdrawn, and physically the temperature of the rectal touch decreases.

As in people, the dog will begin to have contractions, at first you may not even find out, but when they get stronger it is normal to tremble, gasp or even vomit and scratch the ground. The normal thing is that she herself goes to the farrow and places the towels to make her nest. This phase is not immediate, it is normal that it lasts about 12 hours, but it can reach up to 24. At this time the owner can do nothing, just wait.

After waiting, the cervix will be fully dilated and will begin to expel the puppies along with the placenta. In multiple deliveries, the expulsion of the placenta and puppies can be interleaved. The time for all to be born is very variable, it can be from a few hours, to more than one day. There are even bitches that take a break, but This period should not last more than 6 hoursIf so, the veterinarian should be consulted.

Once the first puppy is born, if it comes with the placenta, the dog will remove it and start sucking to clean and stimulate breathing. If the mother does not do it in the first minutes we must do it by placing it on a towel and rubbing it with it. Nothing happens if the dog eats the placenta, but it is not recommended. In addition, it is normal for her to take care of cutting the umbilical cord, but we can do it by helping us with two threads, making a knot in two parts and cutting through the middle.

When all puppies are born, or one by one, depending on the dog, they will start breastfeeding. It is important not to touch the little ones too much and leave them with their mother, who will take care of them properly. Typically, you have between 6 and 8 new tenants at home.

Litter size

Miniature schnauzers come in litters of 3 to 5 puppies.

The process of birth of the young, known as calving, can be difficult, especially for small dogs, such as the miniature schnauzer. If a mother has difficulties, a cesarean delivery may be necessary. Owners should be well informed about the process and should consult a veterinarian before delivery.

AMSC Code of Ethics

The AMSC offers a code of ethics for responsible breeding of the miniature schnauzer. The sale of dogs with sanitary guarantees in writing, pedigree of three generations and the registration documents, where appropriate, are among the provisions of the Code. The AMSC strongly recommends that known dogs with hereditary defects not be bred.

How should the owner and environment of a Miniature Schnauzer dog be?

The Miniature Schnauzer dog breed is a of the most nervous , this means that it must be controlled by its owner and it is necessary to ensure proper obedience. It is not a difficult dog and is a perfect choice for those who have no experience. The owner must exercise his leadership in an unshakable and firm manner, so that the Miniature Schnauzer understands that he can count on his master.

If the Miniature Schnauzer perceives the weakness in its owner, it shows its natural rebellion and becomes a dog that is difficult to control and quite stubborn. A dog of this breed at home, represents the only member that usually poses challenges and challenges to its owners. Episodes of stubbornness and joke should be taken seriously, should never be taken as something funny about the animal. By not observing with the Miniature Schnauzer an appropriate behavior, the little one can succumb in the Small Dog Syndrome Then your temper will change, which can become quite annoying.

What are the necessary care of a Miniature Schnauzer?

The Miniature Schnauzer has a hard coat that requires constant care , but it is not difficult. Your coat should be combed daily, using a comb with metal or hard bristles. If you notice any tangle, the hair should be cut. During the fall and spring I was able to cut her hair in the year. Use a blunt-tipped scissors to cut the area that surrounds your eyes. After each meal your mustache should be cleaned.

If the Miniature Schnauzer is only a pet, on the top the hair should be shorter and on the legs, bottom and head longer. You won't have much trouble with your hair because it releases little. Try to maintain a good diet and an exercise regime for the dog, taking care that the exercise meets its requirements, so that you have a physically and mentally healthy dog ​​at home. To preserve your muscles, the Miniature Schnauzer must have a high nutrient diet , so that it provides the fats required for your hair, skin and eyes. The composition of food and portions changes depending on the sex, living conditions and age of the Schnauzer.

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Message by Gala »02 Sep 2011 20:53

Re: I have a Doubt!

Message by Yanire »04 Sep 2011 13:52

It depends on many factors, the size of the dog, the age, how many times it has given birth. With Sirius I had 2 litters, in one the dog was very small and beginner and had 2 puppies. The second time was the dog's second litter and she had 7 females, and she took them all out perfectly.

For the rest, Sirius comes from a litter of 5 and Naia comes from a litter of 2.

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Message by Armens »04 Sep 2011 16:40

I know little about the subject, not to say I don't know anything. But my Balder, a miniature schnauzer, comes from a litter of 8 (3 males, 5 females).
And my breeder had another litter of another dog, who were born nothing ago, and I had 4 or 5 I think!