My canary has stopped singing


Surely you have a Canary and at some point you have seen that does not sing for a time that seems strange to you, since he always made the day with a beautiful song. Being in this situation can create an alert and restlessness in case we have done something wrong so that our little bird loses the desire to sing.

The first thing you have to know is that it is normal, so you can start to calm down and relax your nerves. But it is true that we have to know the reason why he stopped singing.

Main reasons why my canary doesn't sing

Finding the reasons why a canary stops singing are usually simple, we just have to be attentive to a series of indicators. We can point out the following reasons:

  • It is season or period of molting of plumage.
  • It is depressed> Our canary has stopped singing for the change of plumage

The feather molt It is very closely linked to the canaries stop singing. So the periods of molting of plumage are a very important reason to consider if we detect little song of our bird.

If we keep it well taken care of, it will surely return very soon to your singing (although it will depend on the end of the molting period). To do this you have to feed the Canary With dandelion and green food. Apart we can add in your water a little honey to clear the throat of the bird.
And periodically change the water and food, which is always fresh and appetizing.

Why don't the Canaries sing if they aren't moving?

Other times the canaries They do not sing and they are not in the moment of molt. Then we will have to watch it carefully, since you may be sick.

We must look at the bowel movements, your mood, if you eat, if you are agile and even listen to the sounds made by the Canary.

For this we approach the animal to our ear to be able to detect some respiratory difficulty or a strange itching.

If we detect any symptoms that are not normal in our bird we will take it without wasting time to the veterinarian to advise us better.

Remedies for our canary to sing again

But if we find nothing abnormal and still do not sing, we will increase the diet of special singing food and we will put some honey in the drinking fountain, as I said before.

Sometimes the problem is solved by covering the cage with a black cloth or cloth for a few days. The bird will start to sing To not feel alone in the dark.


Hi, I have a roller canary and I never sing, just pee, it already has more than 6 months, I feed it well, I change the water up to 3 times a day, what should I do ..

According to what I know in the Canaries and I've been researching for my own, your canary is a canary so that's why he just pees and doesn't sing.
I know that is relative but generally that is the answer

Look, I will tell you that the canaries often stop singing without more due to various factors. He is sick, he is in the molting season, he is sad and depressed.

To try to sing, first observe it in case of illness take it to the veterinarian. And if you see it beautifully change the birdseed for a special song and wait to see what happens.

If the problem is with the change of feathers, until it ends it will not start singing.

hello it is good to give broccoli and canarian bars to these

My canary began to sleep with his head hanging and when he woke up he could not straighten his neck, until yesterday he fell from the stick and was like 1 hour without being able to move. He is 7 and a half years old. What can it be?

because my canary has stopped singing since I put the canary in the cage and before I did not stop singing started at 7 in the morning and did not stop until 10 at night because this is due

look: I have a canary k I had always sung, we went on vacation and my mother kept it, she kept singing, it changed when we arrived we went to look for it and she has not sung again.I have given her vitamins, and she is moving the pen, also anti-asthmatic because sometimes he snores hoarse, but still the same, he has moments k is very active and then suddenly falls asleep to see if they can help me. Thank you

friends I ask you to help me I have a canary of terra he sings but very little he is not moving he is not sick. I already noticed all that. and he only sings to me the one place in the house I take it to the other side and he does not sing to me. what can I do please help me ..

friend cristian ley your comment about your canary the canary behaves according to how you raise it, just have it look for another one to sing but not to drink it.

macarena depronto your canary was not in his mind to live it intact again but separating it cage in 20 cages and beras that you have it.

I have a terra canary or roof canary. And I want him to sing everywhere I have to do. help

my canary has not been singing for more than 1 month, before he used to sing it day and night but he is very worried, I give him vitamins in the water during that month and he doesn't mind, will he be silent, right?

Jorge is moving?

Well when the canaries stop singing it is for several reasons illness, lack of food etc. EYE the canaries can give them cancer and that causes them to stop singing. I also want to tell you that there are Canaries that sing but not like the male but their song is short and short. when the canaries sing like this it is to get the attention of the canary and if they do not believe me find out and I have been raising canaries for 15 years and if I had time I would write to you until a good book greetings from sweden [] if you want more information write ami mail

Good .. So that a canary does not happen this, always put red pepper or hot pepper, the seeds are very good for their song and change of plumage

my canary sang at all times, and for several months I stopped singing, just pious, why is that? If I feed him well and give him all the care, except that he had forgotten to give him calcium, it will be for that.

beenas my canary is a terra that I can give vitamin pa that turns red and that whistles is changing pen

What I can do

because my canary has stopped singing since I put the canary in the cage and before I did not stop singing started at 7 in the morning and did not stop until 10 at night because this is due

my canary stopped singing like before, now Ronko does it and very low it is not the same as before I must do this very hoarse

Why do the Canaries get sad? mine did not come back

Why do the Canaries get sad? mine did not come back

Hello, I am very worried my canary who has not sung for a month since he sang all day and just the day we put the canary in his cage to stop singing, what do you recommend me to take out the cannaria? I've already given him a tonic for singing

I have a canary is male, and it happens to me that now the feathers fall off and only pee, once about 4 or 5 months ago a cat climbed into my cage and I scare him and now I just pee, do I drown what you did you say Now I'm going to put a lettuce, I hope you help me, I wait for your answers.

Oh and I have a hammock that is in the cage, but it does not go up, do nothing just jump from stick to stick but I do not play, that scares me, well I'm going to change the water and clean the cage, please help me.

hello please help me.
I have a canary that lately makes some strange movements, it is as if I sneeze or sometimes it is as if I emitted a sound like a ggghhh ... or something like that, the truth is I don't know much about canaries and I don't know what it could be, but previously she had already raised and I used to emit a song that he has now left and sometimes like a nut, but this sound is like a hoarse voice ... please help me to know what it could be.

My case is not from the Canary Islands but from mocking. He has stopped singing, is well fed and well cared for. What should I do to keep singing?
Saaludos from Barranqyuilla, Colombia

My canary sang like crazy. After the time of molting (where they stop singing), he did not do it again. Will he be sick? What other reason could it be? I miss his singing

I have two canaries who sang all day and part of the night they stopped singing. I will follow the steps read. I think it will work.

Hello my canary has also stopped singing, I took him to the store where I sold it, and he told me that he had parasites, I am examining a spray for parasites and I am giving him some vitamins, you know if that will be good, sche no I trust the home of the store a lot! He plucks his hair and ran out of his tail, now he has grown back but he still doesn't sing, is it normal? Tell me something, I put music with songs of canaries and everything, and what to put honey to the trough works? Scheme he opens the beak to sing but it doesn't come out !! just pee a little! cnt please thank you


my canaries all sing a lot and take out breeding and swim it was that I got Australian parakeets and they stopped singing and taking me out that it is for the parakeets it is true answer me please
Thank you
I wait for the answer

Hello friends
My Canary is Terra and since I acquired it he sings nothing and spends very restless in his cage, they recommended that I spend more time with him but it has not worked, what can I do to sing and be less arisco? I'm desperate I don't know what to do help me, thanks

I am a canary so that his song is more effective and more beautiful I clean his throat with a bone cacique bone Ron I do the following I take a pen from his body soak the pen with casique and he puts it in his throat that helps clean his throat and his singing will be finer and prettier and it will not be hoarse or anything I hope will also help you with boiled egg x mornings red sweet pepper, red paprika, hot pepper delen alpiste special. and if they do not notice him sick or change of pen it is because they are covered and need a canary they place it inside their cage to the male x 4 weeks or 3 and c they take it out and they separate it so they do not see and sing that it turns out I have done it. and if the canary is very archeous, throw it in the morning with a water rose in your mouth, walk it where many people go and handle it a lot so that your canary gets tame

my canary doesn't sing

It must be a Canarian if it does not sing because the Canarian only whistles and chifla but the male if it sings pita sings chifla and does everything

I have a canary I paint that when listening to the song of other canaries a desperation enters until the point does not trill in any moment

how much time do you have with him? Is he raised or hunted?

micanario cantava vastan and no longer sings

must be changing or is missing a canary to unclog if I stop singing in the month of May or June d insurance is changing if n ever changing looking for a canary and c puts it in his cage xx at least 3 weeks or + until that your male the mount and from there you take it out and ready and you will see change

Hi, I'm from Maracay-Santa Rita, to see if you can tell me how I can threaten my rooftop canary is that my is too much, thank you.

My canary stopped singing when I put a little wooden house in the cage. He was scared at first, but then he continued as before but without singing, will it be only because of the little house he has?

if you don't have a partner, take out that little house

I am from Maracaibo

to threaten it place it in a small cage that is small that has a lot of space and place it where many people do ox where many people spend up to x2 months or more I have had canaries and wings 2 weeks is no longer so crappy but it works and also take it out of your small cage when you have time have it in your hand for an hour or if you want more support, caress it kiss it if you want to do that every day and you will see result if it is enough bone that does not have its current color is better at 6 months and do not want to go of his ksa I have terras canaries also called roofs and in Venezuela they call him Creoles and when they are enough they are dark green with gray and yellow pints I place it in a small cage and place it in a store a friend's supermarket mine there I leave it all day I look for it in the afternoon the next day I take it in the morning and I go to work x the afternoon I look for it so until I see that the canary nc move a lot as at the beginning there is already it in my ksa until q already c For 5 months, he began to sing like a crazy thing from 5 AM to 8 AM in some of the Canarian singers, because they don't get to sing much

My canary has stopped singing since the cage of the place where I had it was quiet, that has me worried because I didn't give it a blow and that's why this way they could help me

how long is it like this? without singing?

Hello, how are you? I am from Colombia and I have a Canarian from Terra, he sang to me but since I got another male I stopped doing what I should do…. Thank you

is that I have a doubt my canary sang a lot and now he does not sing because he is changing his pen and how long it takes to stop changing feathers because he does not want to sing me anymore: he is a Creole canary

and when my canary is instead what medication can be given so that I don't get sick

good afternoon
I have a couple of rooftop canaries, one male and one male, and the two are arches are very nervous, they are already yellowish and I want to raise them, someone could help me like in which time or which indecations I should use to raise those two beautiful birds.

another thing
when we have a yellow canary it can be tamed or they will always be so nervous because they are used to their environment.

If you have 2 canaries together in the same cage, stop singing if they are male so that you have to place it in separate cages and see that you understand that is for you: RICARDO-MEDELLIN

LUIS…. if you are changing pen n t worry that is normal it only takes 3 months x there is and when I change full x it will be better

When they are yellow and you have taken it like that, being wild, it takes a long time to place a mango tree, they are better coarse and not yellow, but I will recommend that if you want to take them out, place it in a cage with a good space and in a place above your head and that they sit Alone and not with many people if you want to raise them because they see people will not feel protected and less if they take off children then they can not take out or they can take out the eggs but when they are very looked at they split them what you have to do to place them in a place alone you are going to change the water and food and stuff and do not get too close to the cage only when you are going to add food if you understand

but if they can be shortened so they are both nervous?
I was advised to take the male for a while in the cage to sing but I doubt it is very nervous.
You know that I have one that is very rough and I started very nervous. I put it in a small cage and it calmed down more so much of the flying in the small cage, it hit and a little ronchita came out.
Does that heal itself or do you have to put something on it?
ahhh and how long does it take or rather take to get meek?
thanks for your help.


albert thank you very much…

that it is good to give it so that they release the song more. Is it true about honey?

or advise me that I give it since it is singing but I know that it can sing harder ... thanks


Petter about the ronchita that heals I had one I took it coarse and that was destroyed all his tuft bony his part of the head where the red tuft comes out there is all that broken it all had it in a small cage like a quarter After 3 months I didn't even move, I left it 2 more months to be sure it lasted for 5 months there and from there I passed it to a cage of 1 fourth and 4 fingers and every morning wings 7Am took it out of the cage and watched television with me having him in his hand until 8 abc lasted less `but he did it every day and shita cn his fingers close to him. and now I have it here is the best canary that I have the loose and noc is going, I loose it in the patio he starts to jump from cage to cage where my other canaries and canaries are entered within the ksa I shito his fingers and he It goes to where I am. It is really impressive. I always do it with all the Canaries that I have, but that is the one that came out best, so he is like he was my son.

Ptter if you took those already married canaries, that is, that couple are already together, you don't have to take the male out of it, place it in a cage with a lot of space of 1mt x 50x40, as I said earlier, far from people who sit alone above your head you put the cage and you always change the water and the food bone your food I have some like that and every year they take me 2 times 4 or 3 very good canary pichonsitos

and the meek one takes as I told you in the cage in 6 months or less or more that is depends on the food and the care that does not scare him I will always speak as if he were a 1 month baby nunk let the cage fall out pq agatrra fear

Petter also give the canary a little water with sugar, just ok x 2 days 1 time x days you understand that will calm your extre and your tiredness just a drop in his beak that he licks it try it you understand ……

I need a trick to be able to speed it up quickly ... Thank you

Hello, I have a canary that has sung a lot, four months ago he started with the change of the pen and today he still throws a pen and does not sing anything, just pee when someone approaches the cage, in addition to instead when it seems that Is he coughing ... won't he be sick? He eats a lot and does not look bad.
I hope someone please can help me.Thanks.

Ricardo I already talk about how to threaten it is the only way you do not believe that in a week it is threatened and there are canaries that do not threaten it completely because it depends on your apprentice

I bought a couple of canaries and the male does not sing and the female just pees. It is convenient to separate them for a while until reproduction times? would you please help me?

Albert I am very interested in your knowledge of canaries terra or canary Creole. I will add you to my messenger to ask several questions that I have I am in Caracas, Venezuela

that of the pen that is normal takes 3 months, maybe more but if you have to deworm yourself, take it to a veterinarian as urgently ...: ——- for you Ainhoa.

hey GUSTAVO changes separate it and leave the female alone in a large cage that serves to reproduce the male you change it to a small bone girl cage and that they don't see each other until the male begins to sing to the female later when the female is in CELOS ready to play throw it in to the male. or buy a single double cabin cage you place one on one side and the other on the other side will be more dry but they will not see when the female is ready you just have to pull the wall that is in the middle of the cage and there will be 2 add me so I will explain better-: [email protected]

Hi, my name is Jesus, I have a Canarian of Terra ah, I stopped singing with time and I noticed that it is not for the time of molt or anything like that vitamin m you recommend.

See if you are sick, better add me ...!

Hello! Four days ago, they gave me a canary, but he doesn't sing anything, I don't know if it's because he misses or because he's moving (there are many feathers on the ground) so I'm going to wait a few days, I'll give him food spices for the song already see what happens….

Hi, how about all the people who like the canaries. I take the audacity to comment on my experience with my canary who has also stopped singing for the change of feathers. but the most beautiful thing is that he communicates with me I usually put it in the living room window while I eat breakfast at about 10 in the morning when he wants me to put bread he gets crazy in the cage he seems to like and once he If you put it on, stay calm, of course it is not silly, the bread has ceriales, I just wanted to tell you that the Canaries do not need to talk because they can communicate very well only ahy that they miss them …… kisses chauuuuuuu

also check if it is female or male

when they do not sing it is that a better song has arrived and intimidates them if they give paprika they will sing and turn red


I bought a canary and the owner told me that he sang too loudly but he sings to me as a beginner I don't know why it will be .. help me

Hello, I have a canary for the first time, which sings very softly and emits strange sounds, by the comments I think that without a canary I have a canary, my question, waiting for an answer is. I put a canary inside The same cage and the two sing.

Good morning, albert, you know that my canary da terra pita strange I feel like I have something in my throat and I'm worried that he was fine, he is a little bit disgusting now when. I grab it. When he flies, it sounds strange, as if he is scared and he has not fallen, that he will be what he has and that I can give him I need help, someone who knows please…

Hi Albert, I see that you know a lot about canaries and I wanted to ask you a question, I have two canaries and when they made the change of feathers one of them stopped singing, they recommended me a few drops with vitamins, I wanted to know if it is effective or should I do something else ... I hope you can help me. Thank you.

I have a female canary and sometimes my parents insist on giving you a Belgian canary singing and she starts to peep but a peep as sharper and I feel sorry because she looks for him and does not find him because she is alone has no partner and he wanted to know if he can get sad or not affected by putting the bird.

Hello a while ago I was given a canary, at the beginning I sang, but now a ball is made and it is put on the floor of the cage to sleep almost all day and does not sing. I also have more birds, some agarponis, they have told me that they can be for that. Please answer me thank you

Hi! Very worried, almost a year ago I was given a beautiful roler, I sang spectacularly, well fed and its clean water every so often, but I have dropped the cage twice in a row, and now I can no longer sing! Tell me what to do, -
Thank you

After all, being a little beast so that the cage will fall two times in a row—— but I doubt that I will sing again and tare mega stressed the only thing to leave in a certain place a time to see if he relaxes and az ktnga stimuli .. other birds hear them to see if they are encouraged to sing again

my canary stopped singing and does not step on my canaries


is that the Canary Islands lay eggs when they are adults, even if they do not have a male mine, but it does so, but the eggs are empty (checked) if you want when it is time to put sepia on it at any animal shop. it is a stone that has very good calcium for the females the males do not usually chop it naaaa xaooo

Hello everyone. I have a Canarian da Terra, he is a singer but he is changing his feathers, what food is given to change quickly.

noc gives him no food Alejandro leaves alone that change alone is better, give him something to change as much as possible let him change alone can take 3 to 4 months

Hello, one of the cages of my canaries fell silent due to the strong air there was and since then my canary stopped singing, what can I do to make it sing again ..

one of my female canaries was very good and the next day she was dead, what a possible problem she could have, I looked at her healthy one day before.

I have 2 canaries, when they gave them to me they sang all day, but some time ago one stopped singing and after a few weeks the other also feared them with a canary and they get along very well, but they don't sing anymore. WHAT CAN HAPPEN? THANK YOU!

I have a canary that has 9 months with me and the only thing it does is pure whistle and aora does not want to sing

Hi, I wanted to know why my canary stopped singing. in November we made him a canary, in December he had a baby ... until the end of January they were all together, then we returned the canary and the canary was left with the young alone. Shortly after we separated him from the cage and the canary stopped singing, we wanted to get him back together but they fight, he has not been singing for two months and he was very vocal… why should that be due?

add me I am a birdhouse maybe I can help you for the singing of honey I have not tried it but I will be but I have given it water of panela, garlic but a little in the water to thumb them, I have given purslane, but something very important to me my canaries to sing a million I give granulated cola is effective try it and it will work

Carlos, what is your email? or add me

my canary does not sing for about six months last Friday was bad as if he was going to die, he is 2 years old I feed him from drinking what I can do but I don't know what to do every day is going to get worse he does not sing and he is not happy and change of feathers did last year but I need help please do not know what to do

hello my canaries find a pen that vitamin can give them to sing again and for the feathers it has several months instead

I have two canaries one of 7 years and another of 4 years.
I WILL TELL YOU that they sang to give and take worries for 4 months. They do not sing anything else they do is pee when I clean the jasjaulas they get contained I speak to them and they get to pity but to sing nothing at all thanks

please I have two canaries one of 7 years and the other of 4 and
Both one and the other had to silence them and now it will be five months since nothing is happy seven because I talk to them and answering me but they have nothing to do with what they were I would like to thank you in advance

Hi, I have 5 rooftop canaries and I bought them as males, they want to sing but they don't finish.

good morning, I have 5 roof canaries and a blue silver beak the silver beak sings all day, 2 canaries sings so well and the remaining 3 are basics and do not sing I give them very good food, vitamins I hope the 3 basics I hope that Sing one day I live in Ciudad Ojeda.

Good morning, I would like to know why the canary of my neighbor died, a breeder of canaries gave him about 9 or 10 months ago, he gave her the advice to take care of it, food for canaries, once a week apple, a once a week lettuce, cleaned every day and put new water every day, sang a lot and stopped singing about 3 months ago it seems that the change of plumage, and when the heat comes, my neighbor every two times three I turned on the air conditioner, now I turn it on, now I turn it off, for me that was the cause, after three months or so he died, and it was in one day, I found him very strange in the morning, he didn't want to get into his bath with water that was put once a week, and little by little it got worse throughout the day, he stayed still and then put his head under the wing he didn't eat anymore and I noticed that his breathing was very agitated I didn't listen that emitted no sound, already in the afternoon around 9 could not be held in the cage bar and went to Low, I try to move the wings and he has already died. His little box is metallic if you need to know, greetings and thanks.

hello my canary does not sing 15 days ago as ago for the canary to sing and I give you birdseed, dance, broccoli and water

Melani may be changing pen …… or change it to a livelier place… ..

Good one month ago I took a canary that came to me flying home, I put it in a cage, I clean it every day I put komida and water every day has sepia tab for calcium and so that the beak sharpens, and although I see him very happy only pia and when I put canary songs and sometimes he throws himself like singing, pr does not come out soon but it seems to gogojea (we have looked at him and he is male)

It seems that there are birds that last a long time to start singing ... what kind of canary it is.

My canaries have no feathers on their head and they have left two yagas, what do I do?

I want to know how to define the male and female canary I have a canary between berado and a fine one and they don't sing the baths 3 kisses a day and I gave their food they don't eat me pure paprika

Another question if one changes a canary from one cage to another stops singing or continues singing.

I have a canary that was very singing, three days ago he stopped singing, and I realized that in his place where I leave food there was a tiny egg, I understand that the Canaries do not sing, what happened, I do not understand, there is some answer to this situation, now my canary is hatching his egg.

ender they eventually get used to eating I leave my email to send you some photos of sexing

Jessica…. this situation is weird ... since females don't sing ...

My canary sang a lot and has stopped singing since the death of my husband who was the one who took care of him. 8 months ago. Is it possible that it is for that reason? I at first could not believe it. I do not know what to do

how to make micanaria cante aido detergent couple ie question medisen quelede derdolaga

A question ..
If I play music with high volume affects the canaries.

Music in the day when they are singing…

they eat green than vegetables

Hi, I would like my little canarita to help me. I got sick, they sold it to me, I was relieved, but I didn't want anything, she tries, but she doesn't get any voice that I could do. .

Hi, I have a Canarian Terra, who sang from 4 in the morning until at night and since I started to give him paprika, he changed his color from yellow to red and he didn't sing anymore and I have given him vitamin and his calcium bar and nothing sing ...

my canary stopped singing and it feels sad I'm giving neuro vitamins that contains b1 b6 b12 that I can have for him to sing again I have some lovebirds and I need to know how many days after birth the chicks start feeding them

Vitamins so that the feathers and grow faster ?, What to do to raise first?

you who think that the canaries are robots that can be managed at will or ke?

both the breeding and the molting takes its process, and the canaries do it when they have to do it, do not give them shits to accelerate a process that must go natural ...

I have a male canary, he doesn't sing for a while and it hurts his feathers

I have a canary that has stopped singing, he is three years old, he looks good, eats, flies etc, I think he is in a period of molting, but I'm not sure the tube a cyst in the wing and I already take it away, but still not singing, here in Venezuela when the change of pen begins?

Hola, le regalé a mi madre un canario el año pasado, cantaba a todas horas, luego dejó de cantar y comenzó con la muda, le dimos vitaminas, bueno, pues después de eso nada, hace como 9 meses y solo pia. Come bien, y no se le nota nada extraño en su comportamiento, solo que no canta.

tengo un timbrado que cantaba sin parar lleva con la muda hace dos meses yno a vuelto a cantar tiene una hembra al lado pero sin verse solo se oyen quisiera un consejo para que el macho vuelva cantar la hembra le provoca pero el no canta

hola buenas tardes. tengo un canario criollo traido de monteria cordoba, el cantaba, de un momento a otro ha dejado de cantar, pues le traje un canario flauta mosaico que canta por doquier, creo que se tapo. sera que necesita compañera? le consigo canaria? se echa y se queda quieto mirando hacia el cielo calladito, y cuando lo espanto se pone activo y pia, pero hasta ahi. que hago?

hola les cuento q mi canario cantaba hermoso, pero ami hija se le cayo la jaula y no volvio a cantar q puedo hacer esta vivaracho se alimenta y no vemos nada extraño solo q dejo de cantar me gustaria por favor q me ayudaran para q vuelva cantar ,saludos

Pueden convivir dos canarios machos juntos en una misma jaula. Es una jaula como las que tienen los nidos en las puntas….

hola tengo un canario timbrado y no canta, hace trinos y lo veo mover el buche pero no canta, que puede ser? gracias

Hola muy buen documento una pregunta mi canario ya no canta todo desde que le puse una hembra por segunda vez y se la quite y desde ahi dejo de cantar ya la pelecha a pasado y no canta que puedo hacer saludos

mi canario lleva muchos días no cantando hace como 1 semana pero esta cambieando sus plumas cuanto dura su periodo

hola mi canario dejo de cantar al ponerle al lado una canaria separada q puedo hacer, muy pocas veces canta y cuando lo hace es muy bajo q puedo hacer?……..

mi canario le cogio miedo atros como hago para que vuelva a coger comfianza

Johana, puede ser por una situación de estres. Dejale un tiempo a tu canario para que vuelva a la normalidad.

AYUDAAAA… anoche se me calló la jaula de mi canario por accidente, y ahora NO canta, que puedo hacer. POR FAVOR alguien sabe

Entonces, puede volver a cantar, muchas Gracias

buenos dias, coloque a mi canario macho empezando a cantar con una hembra y ahora no le sale el canto

Hola buenas mi canario que antes no paraba de cantar desde que empezó a mudar no ha cantado nada solo pía y tbn le tube que amputar una patita por culpa de la anilla le estaba cangrenando pero le he estoy dando tabernil muda y mucha vitamina come bien le buske un compañero que esta aprendiendo a cantar mas joven para que no sintiera solo que puedo hacer

Hola tengo 4 machos y una hembra criollos 2 en muda y los otros 2 estan jovenes el caso es q 2 machos estan en muda y antes 1 de ellos trinaba fuerte me dijo el anterior dueño y ahora trina pero muy suave que le puedo dar gracias

Mi canario cantaba mucho y despues que traje otro que canta mucho mas ha dejado de cantata

Mi canario ya no canta despues que traje otro que canta mucho mas

es bueno darle aji picante a mi canario criollo ?

Peter hemos visto en más de una ocasión lo de dar aji picante a un canario criollo pero la verdad es que nunca lo hemos probado y desconocemos si hay efectos secundarios. A ver si alguno más pudiera comentar y dar una respuesta a esto.

mmm ok entiendo gracias tengo otra pregunta como hago para poner mi canario criollo rojo me dijeron que era con aji picante hay otra forma ?

mi canario ya cambio el plumaje y el cantaba mucho pasaron tres dias y dejo de cantar que le puedo dar para que cante otra vez ? le echo la miel en la vevida ?

Hola mi canario padece de diarreas que puedo hacerle ha dejado de cantar

Hola Alejandro,
¿Desde cuánto tiempo lleva con diarreas?
¿Le has cambiado la alimentación?
Y en qué zonas del hogar lo tienes en estos días de tanto calor (en España), y noches en las que parece que esta refrescando mucho. El cambio brusco de temperaturas puede ser una razón, pero habría que ver los otros factores.

Saludos y gracias por leernos.

hola compre un canario y cuando me lo vendieron cantaba muy bonito, pero desde que llego a casa no da ni un solo soplido que hago

El sabado pasado compramos un canario y empezó a cantar. El martes, mi hija lo sacó de la jaula y el canario al no saber volar mucho se dio un golpe contra un mueble. A partir de ese dia el canario no canta. Solo hace sonidos mas flojos pero ya no canta como los primeros dias. Yo creo que está asustado… que podemos hacer ?

Hola, buenas noches? Por favor me podría decir si es normal que mi canario cante con la muda de la pluma? Empezó a mediados de Julio con la muda y se le han caído las pluminas de atrás, pero el sigue jugando, saltando y cantando. El año pasado si dejó de cantar y se quedó sin plumas en la cola. Muchas gracias. Greetings.