9 myths about dog bathing, did you know them?


Every how much to bathe a dog It is a very common question that many owners ask themselves. The answer is simple: what>

To bathe a pet, it is essential to use special dog shampoos that do not have irritating agents in their composition and that are adapted to their skin pH, which is different from that of humans.

"The type of shampoo that we should use in our dog will vary depending on the type of hair, conditions in which it is and finish we want to give. But any of them should meet mandatory qualities on pH. This should be between 7 and 7.5. Another quality to take into account is the quality: we must use shampoos created with silicone bases that protect the hair and the cuticle, the oil bases can harm our dog's skin in the future. And, most importantly, we must properly and always condition our dog's hair, that will allow us to maintain a healthy and shiny skin and hair", recalls Miki Lluch Blanco, director of the training, cosmetics and management department of the Luzcan canine hairdressers in Tiendanimal and champion of Spain in the Dog grooming of 2016 and 2018." This balm that is applied after the rinse could resemble a mask for us, "adds Ana Anglada, veterinarian board member of the Madrid Association of Pet Veterinarians (AMVAC).

On the other hand, "there are specific shampoos for damaged skin or to avoid problems, as well as products in the form of spray whose main task is to create a calming effect, avoiding irritations or eliminating them, either by brushing with excessive friction, blades that shave excessively or by a skin problem due to illness, "says Miki Lluch.

What is the dry bath?

The dry bath is a type of wash that It can be applied in older or sick dogs or in circumstances that require speed. "Dry shampoo is a surfactant that we should only use on extreme occasions, since it does not give the same quality and efficiency as traditional shampoos. The effect is simple: we apply the foam on the hair, that foam wraps the dirt while we let dry and, once dry, we brush removing the foam together with the dirt, "explains the dog groomer.

Can I bathe a puppy?

Yes of course. But "what>

On the other hand, the temperature of the water must be warm and the special shampoo for puppies. If we are going to bathe you at home, we can use a bowl with a towel or a mat in the glass and thus prevent it from slipping and catching fear. "Avoiding a bad experience is essential," says the veterinarian. "If the first bath is stressful, it will be an ordeal for the rest of your life. On the contrary, if the first time you are treated with love, games and making it a good experience, you will not have any adult problems. Hence, the choice of hairdressing is also an important aspect when bathing a dog, "he says.

Tricks to avoid the fear of water

As we have mentioned, we must try to make the bath soothing so that it does not become a torture for our companion animal. With these tricks you can reduce your anguish:

  • Play with him. Before introducing him to the bathtub or where you are going to bathe him, take a moment to play and make the bathroom a continuation of it.
  • Kind words. While you are bathing your pet, talk to him softly>Lee: Foods that can be bad for your dog

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1. It is not necessary to bathe pets, wild animals do not bathe!

Okay, It is true that wild animals do not have a bathtub. But this does not mean they do not bathe! When animals are in the wild in the wild they have other cleaning methods, such as wallowing in the mud, which is a natural repellent against parasites, or bathing in rivers, or licking.

But domestic animals are not like wild animals. For starters, because their environment is different, and so is the effect that this environment has on them. For example, the pollution of cities, full of toxic particles, is deposited on their bodies day after day. Bathing them is essential for your health!

2. Dogs do not need to bathe often

Not as much as we are, that's true. In fact, Bathing a dog every day would be disastrous for your skin. The bath of the dogs should not be very often, but regular.

Each dog will have a different need for a bath, affecting the periodicity: it depends on its fur, its surroundings, its lifestyle… Lots of things! If you want to know how often you should bathe your dog, it is best to consult our article on the subject.

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4. Bathing dogs affects their skin

Dogs have a layer of fat on their skin naturally. This helps them stay well hydrated and also as protection against external agents and parasites.

But nevertheless, We assure you that the grease of your skin will not be in danger if you bathe your dog with a quality shampoo and appropriate to its needs. It will remove dirt and natural fat from your skin will remain clean, strong and healthy, leaving an enviable hair.

5. Dog bathing causes otitis

If we bathe the dog carefully, No accident has to happen, or water in your ears. Just make sure you don't leave any shampoo in your ears and wash it carefully.

We recommend that you put cotton balls in your ears to prevent water from entering. Do not forget to remove them when you finish the bathroom!

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6. After bathing, dry with a dryer

It is an option if it is winter, so that your dog does not catch cold. But the dryer is not essential, in fact most dogs are scared.

If the temperature allows, it is best to dry your dog with a towel as much as possible and let it finish drying in the air. Of course, in a warm and sheltered place. Don't go out with the wet dog!

7. Flea shampoo is enough to treat them

Most likely not ... Do not expect fleas to disappear at the first application, you will need repetitions and also complement it with other treatments, such as pipettes.

On the other hand, it makes no sense to use flea shampoo if your dog does not. The best prevention is to always keep your deworming up to date.

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9. Dog bathing is better in dog grooming.

It is true that in a hairdressing session you go deeper, but if you are going to take your dog to a dog groomer, make sure they use good quality products and that the treatment is correct.

On the other hand, remember that there are going to use hair dryers ... If you ask your dog, he sure prefers not to go! 😉

We hope we have cleared your doubts about the dog bath, but remember that if you have any questions or suggestions, you can always leave us a comment. At Wakyma we want the best for you and your pet!

1-If wild animals do not bathe, we do not need to bathe our pets

In the natural state, animals usually solve the question of cleanliness with a good mud bath, which pounds them from parasites. But in cities, where pollution and toxins abound, dog bathing is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also of health.

2-The dogs do not have to bathe often

The mostIt is recommended that the hairy be sanitized with some regularity. How often to do it will depend on many things, including the characteristics of their fur. Ask the veterinarian what is best for your pet. In addition, dogs suffering from skin diseases or allergies require more frequent baths and with specific products.

There are many myths circulating in relation to dog bathing. We tell you what they are so that you avoid mistakes and can take better care of the skin and coat of your four-legged friend.

3-Bathing a can damages the pH of your skin

This only happens if you do not use a shampoo suitable for dogs. So do not clean it with any shampoo. Humans and dogs have different pH. Don't even think about it, then, use your shampoo to bathe your hairy. Best consultation, once again, with the veterinarian to advise you on the best option for your pet.

4-The bath makes them lose natural fats from their skin

Unless you overdo it in the toilet of your four-legged friend, this issue will not be a problem, especially if you use a specific and good quality shampoo. The bath will remove impurities and other substances that must be removed so that your dog looks an enviable coat and has healthy skin.

5-Will give you water otitis

If an accident or carelessness does not occur, there is no need to get water in your pet's ears during the bath. Therefore, you should not give otitis. Pay attention and carefully remove the remains of shampoo from your dog's ears. And, if water is introduced into your ears, consult the veterinarian.

7-The flea shampoo is enough to eliminate these annoying parasites

Here it also depends on the regularity with which you bathe your hairy. Do not pretend that with a single application those annoying little bugs leave you. To achieve this, you will surely have to complement the treatment with other products. For example:

Further, If your hairy is free of these parasites, you don't need to use a flea shampoo.

8-The dogs love to be bathed with a hose

Except it is very hot and the sun hits full, do not think of bathing the hairy with cold water with the garden hose. Most likely, he will get sick. Unless high temperatures prevail, bathe it with warm water and in a place removed from the cold and air currents.

9-The bath of the dogs is better in a dog grooming

This statement is not entirely true. Before leaving it in other hands, make sure they use appropriate products and treat your pet well. Also, remember that to dry it you will be subjected to extensive sessions with the hair dryer. And that is something that, with exceptions, your hairy detests.