How to make your kitten sleep at night


¿Did you know that an adult pussy sleeps between 12 and 15 hours per day, but that a feline puppy needs 20 hours of sleep a day? That can already give you a pattern of the reasons for them to be the kings of the bed. In this article we tell you more reasons why cats sleep more during the day than at night.

Cats sleep more during the day, what is the reason?

If you have a feline at home you will surely know that they love to sleep, especially during the day. At night he has regained his energy and when you want to rest it is he who wants to play, eat or go out. Of course There are reasons why cats sleep more during the day, in cool places in summer and hot during winter. Here we tell you why:

Of course, living with people in a house or flat does not have to go hunting because it has food served every day, however, their instinct still helps them stay tuned at night. When sleeping many hours of day you have the energy to go out to provide food from the sunset. Since cats are very good hunters, they only need a couple of night hours to get food ... the rest of the time they can continue resting.

2. Survival

Baby kittens sleep as much as it happens with humans at birth. This is linked to the need to be in a safe and safe place when your mother goes hunting. If they fall asleep, they are not found by predators. In turn, when the cat sleeps, it releases growth hormones.

3. Nature

Another characteristic that cats still maintain, even if they live domesticated, is related to the amount of energy they would spend. If they were in a wild environment they should take advantage of any moment of tranquility or without danger to rest. In this way, if during one night or several hours they have to stay alert, there will be no problems.

As we have already told you, Puppy cats need to sleep many hours a day. Adults reduce the amount of daily sleep a little, and as they grow older and older, they need more sleep again.

5. Temperature

When it is cold, cats sleep more because they save energy and their body releases the heat they need. They can also choose to sleep in the sun to regulate body temperature or take advantage of a cool space during the summer. In this way they increase their activity when the weather is more pleasant.

1. Exercise

When you get home, try to play with the cat for at least half an hour. This way you will be tired and want to get some sleep. The best will be if you do, exercise just before you go to bed, but without exaggeration, because if you recharge batteries you may be "in need" of activity for a long time.

2. Punishments

A good way topreventing the cat from bothering you at night is discouraging its behavior. Although many do not believe it, the animal can be trained in this regard. For example, you can have a spray bottle filled with water on the bedside table. When the cat starts to make noise you throw a little liquid. Repeat as many times as necessary until you learn.

Give your kitty his own sleeping space

Training a kitten to sleep at night (or at least not bother at night) can be as simple as setting the rule that the kitten does not sleep with its owner. You, as the owner, must create your own space for sleeping, outside your room, and close the door of your bedroom. Put your kitten a warm bed or a pile of blankets in a comfortable and quiet corner of the house, and take her to bedtime. Pet the animal until it relaxes and sits in bed. Once you have settled, go to your bed and close the door of your bedroom. If your kitty follows you, ignore him.

If the kitten receives attention, it can become more active and less likely to fall asleep. Even if the cat meows or knocks on the door, you should not respond. He will get used to this situation after a couple of weeks at most. If you pamper the cat when it cries for attention, this behavior will not stop.

Exercise your kitty during the day

If you want to allow your kitten to stay in your bedroom at night but sleep for the most part there, there are some other tips that can help you learn how to make your kitty sleep at night. The first is to tire you during the day. You should establish a routine of playing time with him, at least once every two hours when you are at home. Any type of toy that manages to get your kitty's attention and make it move can help you burn your excess energy, so you will be more tired at night. However, do not play with him the last hour before bed, as it can stimulate him excessively.

Discourage joy at night

If you want to allow your kitty to sleep with you, you must learn how to teach him not to be playful at night. Get a small spray bottle full of water or a small piece of aluminum foil and keep it handy, put it for example on your bedside table. If at bedtime your kitten starts to get especially playful, pour water with the spray (being careful not to wet the bed) or wrinkle the foil while saying firmly: «No!». Cats do not like the feeling of being sprayed with water or the sound of wrinkling the foil. You must repeat this as many times as necessary.

If the kitten does not get the message after four or five attempts, throw him out of the room and close the door. Make sure you have a place to sleep hot outside your bedroom. You can try again the next night to see if the cat understands that excessive joy at night is what causes it to end up on the other side of the door of your room.


Thank you very much just my cat saw the spray just saw it fell asleep haha ​​just as it is daytime this would have to do at night

I am very glad that the spray trick worked for you.

Thanks for sharing it with us. Greetings.

seriously you know I haven't tried

My 4 year old cat. Maulla a lot at night. I try to stop doing it because my parents complain a lot. He changed his food. I leave the door open. but he comes in and meats very hard. and now he has taken the habit of scratching my furniture. with the leg to get my attention and when I do not have come to mark the stove, the door ... has always been a cat that needs a lot from others. as a child he didn't eat much and I accompanied him and even fed him from my hand. He is a cat that I raised since he was born because he was an orphan. He has always been a very intelligent and very talkative cat. but it reaches a point that I don't know what's wrong with it. if he wants to get my attention or as I say .. he wants me to party with him! I also don't want him not to meow because knowing the meow I can know what he needs at every moment. I call him, I put him on my bed, and he falls asleep, but when he gets up he starts with his peculiar meow. I would like to be advised. I have read that there are talkative cats and no doubt my dear cat is one of them. What I can do? Thank you

It depends on the breed, there are some cats more talkative than others, for example Siamese.

It seems that your cat is "badly used to" being treated in your bed at night. You may want to deter that behavior. Have you tried with the water spray or to wrinkle a foil ball? These two things do not usually like cats, so your cat will have to choose between running away and not supporting them or being with you and holding them. What suits you ...

Another tip is that you get tired of your cat during the day playing with him or, if you don't have time, buying him a toy from the many that are in pet stores to play only for hours. So you will get tired at night and may not feel like "talking" so much ...

I also recommend the article, which explains many possible reasons why a cat can meow.

what a shame acarisiale I do that to my kitten maluuuuuuuuuuuuu she sometimes cries and I catch her and I caress her
turn my brother's cat scrapes the sofa

Hello Lorena, I have a 3-month-old cat just 3 days I adopted her but there is a problem that she does not sleep at night and wants to go to sleep with me in bed and I do not like her next to my bed is where He sleeps during the day, he spends it sleeping and at night I can't do it. I can't take it anymore. I've been 3 days without sleeping well.

Goodnight!! I have a kitten of 1 month and a half and 2 nights slept in the room but my husband does not like cats now I try to sleep outside but cry a lot and try what you put and stop crying for a little while I do? My husband already wants to give it away but I don't want to. Help please.

2 nights are very short time. Give your kitty two weeks, he will get used to it.

Hi Gizeh Pooritoooooooooo, don't leave him out, buy him a crib for cats and there, I usually hope that
don't murmur and don't bother your husband luck

I live in a studio apartment, I have been with my cat for a month and a half for 1 week and although I like the idea of ​​sleeping with him, he does not leave me because he starts playing. Because I am a studio-type department, I have no option to remove it from the room. The idea of ​​sleeping with him doesn't bother me at all but I don't know if my only option is to train him not to get on my bed, or can he train me to sleep with me without waking me up?

Exactly the same happens to me and there are days that are 4 in the morning and he doesn't stop playing, he almost doesn't let me sleep ... I don't know what to do

scrub shot note I can give an answer Carolina

My cat's nose is the same but I leave him and see that I already fell asleep and he lies down do not take him out while you study
I limped and stroked that I do. luck

does the same thing happen to me?

Hello, I have a 5 month old Siamese kitten and I have a hard time leaving her alone in the apartment when I have to leave because she starts crying and makes a lot of noise. I wanted to know if I can still teach him not to bother when he is alone and to sleep or just stay calm. I hope answers, thank you very much!

Ideally, another kitty will accompany you

lie on the bed and acuetale to your kitten / to and acarisiale bayyy
I hope it turns out what I told you

I have a Persian kitten of 2
months and it happens to me exactly
the same, he sleeps in his bed but that bed is put in my bed, I do not want him to sleep with me deserted me every night 🙁 It is very regal and also happens that I wake up with the minimum noise and I always
wake up 🙁

chuta a little time even 1 weekaaaaaaaaaaaa

Hello, I have a small male cat (I don't know his age), I want him to stay in his bed when he sleeps but I don't know how, he always leaves the room to sleep somewhere else (he gets into my sister's bed) but I I want him to sleep and stay in his bed in my room.
Thank you. I await your response.
(please send it to my email).

hello limp and have him sleep in your braziers and close the perta a little I hope it works

Hi. I adopted a kitten a few weeks ago, it must be about eight months or so. She is very good, she has an adorable character but at night she is horrible: about six in the morning she starts to meow, not very loudly, at the bedroom door and wakes us up. In addition to meowing spider without nails the door for us to let it in (without nails because it is not really spider), the bedroom is the only room banned for her.
We do not know what to do and it begins to be desperate that every day we break the rhythm of sleep from so early.
Thanks for your attention. Regards.

I can't give you answers

hello my kitten maulla every night is a street kitten and we go up we have to call yacson the one of my enraged cat

it happens to me just like everyone is what happens to sensitive people with a good heart, we look for trouble so that they don't leave us alone later, because we are good we pay the consequence for that. Many people and I say many because there are many cats thrown in the street, nobody wants to complicate life, cats are difficult to train, they don't get used to anything they want to send, impose and control people, you bring them to your house you give them food, water and love a home so that they later want to throw you away or become you his slave, he is really hateful, I have a cat now he lifts me up at 6 in the morning with his noises I don't leave him inside to not leave his sandbox because it seems dirty to me to have poop inside my clean house, but apparently he wants to sleep with Poop and everything inside without interest to him, he sleeps all day and at night he doesn't let me sleep, I'm honestly tired of him, I won't throw him away or give him away, but if I know after this cat I won't have more cats in my v Going!! Never again are good and affectionate animals good companies but Very difficult to raise and accustom them not to disturb, especially because they can not see closed doors they always want everything open and at night I live in a dangerous neighborhood to leave doors open would be to invite the thieves inside .. it seems that cats get the devil to complicate us, and all to help them! mine picked it up from the street and there I have my answer, I sleep badly, I live in torment and I no longer have affection for it, I treat it well I give it to eat but I already dislike it .. I know that it is an animal but that bad that I do not understand You should keep quiet about everything so early !! I have a vacation and I'm still getting up early because of him and finally there is a mouse in my house and the cat sleeps and eats and does nothing to hunt mice. He is a rascal loaf .. there you have friends with your beloved cats, a nightmare, I will never live with another and I learned my lesson, everything has changed in the world the most materialistic people more selfish more envious and more interested in money or sex, the animals are not the same now, they are also bad, before I had two cats and both were wonderful but this time, I had a bad experience that I decided that I will never adopt a cat and if I see them I will ignore them I am not a bad person but I already understood that I must always be sensitive.

Right now, for me my cat is the one that gives me the most affection and company. I go through bad times and she knows and pampers me. Sometimes we get angry, but she sleeps by my side and when I'm sick even more.
You clearly don't like cats. If you choose to have a cat, it is because you want it, that I know cats do not require you to take them with you as a pet. And, in case you haven't noticed, the cat is an animal, not a human being.

Do the cat a favor and give it away. Give it to someone who will love it. Not all cats are the same as neither are the lions. It is an animal that does not understand. Give it to someone please

Well yes ... you better leave it on the street ... the poor will end up as crazy as you
Animals know who loves them

The truth is that you are half crazy, Angelica. It is an animal, and sees you as a useless predator that does not hunt or feed. Logically you are inferior before his eyes, and you don't deserve his respect (it's funny, because with what you wrote, from my human point of view, I practically see you like that, I apologize ..). Don't you have the minimum and necessary common sense to understand that the cat is not governed by human rules? Holy God.

Hello good night my cat maula at night and does not let me sleep that I do I always fall asleep at 2 in the morning and I'm late for school

Angelica may have a crazy cat because animals are a mirror of their owners and feel and absorb all the bad rolls
I think your cat would be happier in the street

My cat's name is Greta and she's 5 months old, and I never had trouble sleeping. He simply put it in the part of the house where he has his things, which is like an extra room and a bathroom, and the first days he meowed, but now he always falls asleep at the same time, even if I do not put it to bed He goes to his bed. The case is, I would like to sleep with her one day, but I am concerned about the issue of the litter box, since I am unable to sleep with the door open ... Any advice?

Good people, this is another one of the many articles that I have read, I followed all the advice and nothing makes my cat a year old for her meows in the early morning, from 3 am to 10 am does not stop.
Tiring it during the day has not worked, is sterilized and has no disease. I think she becomes obsessed when she sees me sleeping, because the only thing that stops her is seeing me up. I need help for months that I don't sleep. Thank you

Hello, I have a four-year-old cat, since I always get up very early, at 6.30 he starts meowing and trampling on my wife and I who are in bed to pay attention to him and give him food.
Unfortunately, as sometimes the schedule coincides with that of the cat and vice versa, we feed him at that time, but when we work in the afternoon, the cat has the schedule and makes us get up early.
Is there any solution for this?? Would the use of water spray be useful? Thank you

Hello, seeing all the comments I realize that they are normal behaviors in the mininos.
I have 2 male cats, one of 8 months without neutering and another of 2 years neutered, in addition to a 6-year-old dog, about 3 weeks ago they began to play more in the evenings between the cats, something that had never happened, We were tired of not sleeping. I bought a cage and there I put one, horror went crazy wanting to leave. Now I spent a little more time and I restricted the food after 7pm because before it was freely available day and night they had their plate, I tire them during the day, I hardly see them asleep and I lift them want or not, and the cat more I put it big in the cage with a small blanket, it is so tired that it does not even protest and the other one I put a blanket out of my room and before I fall asleep I put it there and it falls down. It took us 3 days to get used to it and now alone they are awake all day and sleep in the night like everyone in their place. I love them.

Why doesn't my cat let me sleep?

A cat that wakes us up in the middle of the night may be bored or poorly stimulated during the day

Cats are sleepers, and even spend more time sleeping than dogs. "A domestic cat usually dedicates between 14 and 16 hours a day to sleep, distributed throughout the day," explains the Association of Veterinarians of Cats.

In addition, our furry friends do not have a single sesteo site, "but cats choose three or four places to sleep, which usually change depending on the time of day," explain these experts.

We who live with cats know it: cats look for sunny places to sleep, either near a hot window, on a table or on a newly turned off computer. The cats sleep when they are safe, warm and calm.

But, Why are there cats that wake us up and don't let us sleep at night?

My cat wakes me up at night

The wild cousins ​​of our furry life partners explain their sleepless habits.

"The African feline ancestor of our domestic cats has night habits, which allow you to hunt with less difficulty, "says the Association Against Cruelty to Animals.

Although domestication has changed the activity and sleep patterns of cats, most cats wake up at least a couple of times during the night.

The good news is that we can teach cats not to bother and let us sleep at night!

1. Does your cat not let you sleep at night? Discard a disease

A cat that roams the house at night, meowing and crying, can suffer from an illness. The first step is, therefore, to go to the veterinarian, in order to rule out medical problems or pain that may be behind the nocturnal restlessness of our feline.

In addition, the sleep cycle is also often altered in elderly cats. Behind an insomniac old feline there may be ailments such as cat Alzheimer's disease, hypertension or pain.

3. Is your cat bored? Enrich your environment

Gattering our home makes it more stimulating for cats. We can facilitate the vision of the cat outside the house through the windows (always closed and safe, to avoid accidents), with the help of a simple scraper for cats in height or a shelf.

In addition, synthetic pheromones relax the cat and having a feline companion will also increase the daytime hours of play and activity of our furry companion. Here you will find ten rules to make a cat happy that, incidentally, will help you sleep better.

4. My cat wakes me up at night: patience, humor and experts

Offering food to the cat in the middle of the night or getting out of bed to treat him, because he doesn't stop meowing, they don't do our furry companion any favors.

Patience is, again, fundamental: a cat will not stop waking us from one day to another, but it may take weeks or months of perseverance to put into practice the advice given, work and much affection towards our furry companion. The veterinarian or a feline behavior expert will be helpful if the problem continues.

In any case, knowing that you are not the only one to be awakened by your cats helps. It is also good advice to take it with humor. These two ingredients have been combined by the well-known illustrator Simon Tofield, creator of 'Simon's cat'In this video, they have already enjoyed more than 51 million Internet users. Also to him (of course!), His cats wake him at night.

Does your cat also wake you up? How did you get your dear cat to let you rest at night? You can share your experience and advice in the comments section.

The cat, a nocturnal animal

By nature, the cat is a nocturnal animal that prefers the dark night to go hunting, feed and perform its daily activity. Due to the evolution of the species to survive in the wild, it enjoys a excellent night vision, which allows you to see much better in a dimly lit environment than in a fully lit or daylight one. This is so thanks to the anatomy of the eye, adapted to hunt at night, composed of an eye tissue called tapetum lucidum It has the ability to absorb light before reaching the retina. Once absorbed, this tissue reflects it and gives the animal a much more developed vision in the dark. For more information, you can consult our article on "How do cats see?".

Although some domestic cats have managed to adapt their sleeping hours a bit to those of their human companions, many others still retain their natural behavior and are more active at night. This, coupled with a series of factors that we will detail below, can make your cat not sleep at night and do during the day.

The importance of a suitable bed

It is no secret to anyone that cats are much more exquisite animals than dogs, and not having a comfortable and safe bed can be the reason that explains why your cat does not sleep at night. But nevertheless, choose the ideal cat bed It may not be so simple, since we must first meet our furry companion and discover their tastes in terms of shape, size and structure.

Today we have endless beds and pet mattresses, and to select the perfect product it is essential to observe the animal and pay attention to its preferences. In general, cats prefer the beds they provide heat and safety, with the right size to go around in it, since those of greater dimensions are not so cozy for them. So, if you notice that your cat has a certain predilection for your bed or sofa, and never lies in his, it is probably because he doesn't like it and you should change it.

He doesn't like to sleep on the floor

Many felines prefer heights to sleep, and if at night you forbid access to the highest places in the home, the animal will choose to rest in your absence. Thus, if you suspect that this may be a reason that explains why your cat does not sleep at night, place shelves with enough size to place one of them in his bed, or get a structure for cats with several levels and observe their behavior.

Lack of activity>

Cats that do not usually do any type of exercise have a greater predisposition to be active at night due to the energy accumulation. Despite having a reputation for being calm and sedentary, cats are also animals that need to exercise and stay physically and mentally stimulated through play. Unfortunately, myths about the species have led many cat tutors to believe that they do not need to receive so much attention from them, and nothing is further from reality. These animals also need to spend hours with their human companions, play and exercise, as well as receive affection and feel properly cared for.

The lack of playIn addition, it produces in cats a high state of boredom, which can lead to these animals, even to become destroyers with furniture, household items, etc. Therefore, it is also possible that the cat does not sleep at night and meow to get your attention. Discover how to play with your cat and start having fun with him.

Do you spend many hours alone during the day?

In relation to the previous point, cats that spend many hours alone during the day and do not have a proper environmental enrichment take advantage to sleep. In this way, when the night comes they are totally rested and willing to enjoy your company, trying to play with you or, if they don't get it, running around the house, jumping, meowing.

On the other hand, as we said, the lack of mental stimulation can also develop boredom in cats, in addition to stress and frustration. All this translates not only in that the cat does not sleep at night, but also in a series of symptoms such as the mentioned destruction of the furniture, not using the litter box and even showing some aggressiveness.

He is hungry?

If your cat does not sleep at night and also Go to your bedroom to meow at your side and get your attention, I may be asking for food. And if when you do you get up to provide what you want, the animal understands that that way you get what you want. He does not do it to annoy your sleep hours, he simply does not know that it is something negative for you and yes it is something positive for him. Without realizing it, you reinforce his behavior instead of guiding him to the most appropriate for both.

This is possibly the easiest cause to check and combat, since it is as simple as modifying cat food schedules. So, before going to bed, make sure you feed the animal correctly and see if it comes to you or not once asleep. Another option for cats that tend to ask for food late in the morning may be the use of an automatic food dispenser, since it is also not advisable to let the animal go hungry for not disturbing our sleep. In this regard, we recommend you consult the article on "Amount of daily cat food".

Is in heat

The zeal in cats is much more intense than in dogs, leading them to despair if they fail to mate. During this period, both females and males are more active at night, producing great moans and meows that disturb the sleep of their tutors. Their suffering is such that their instinct can lead them to try to flee the home to find a partner. Thus, if your cat does not stop meowing at night, does not let you sleep, is restless and is more than 6 months old, it is likely that he is in heat. Therefore, and to avoid unwanted pregnant women, sterilizing the animal in time is the most recommended solution.

You are sick or in pain>

If you have already ruled out the above causes and you keep wondering why your cat does not sleep at night and meow constantlyDo not hesitate to go to the veterinarian to see if it is a health problem. Although usually excessive meowings are usually related to emotional pain, they can also emit them to let us know that they feel physical pain or something in their body is not going well. Therefore, we recommend you review the 10 signs of pain in common cats and visit the specialist to submit the animal to the relevant tests.

How to make your cat sleep at night?

As you have seen, there are several causes that explain why your cat does not let you sleep at night, it is even possible that the answer is found in more than one. Thus, it may happen that your cat prefers to sleep during the day for several of the reasons mentioned, and not for a single reason. Therefore, the first recommendation is to find the cause or causes to combat them and help your furry partner to have a better quality of life. That said, check the following tips:

    Play with your cat and make him exercise. As we said, do activ>

If you want to read more articles similar to Why doesn't my cat sleep at night?, we recommend that you enter our Behavior Problems section.

The cat, a nocturnal predator

First of all, it is necessary to know a little about the animal we have at home. As we mentioned at the beginning, he is a hairy man who hunts especially at night. Your body is perfectly prepared for it.: he has a night vision much better than ours (while we see nothing in situations of total darkness, he can distinguish details), a sense of hearing that allows him to hear the sound of the mouse 7 meters away, and a musculature amazing (if we had equally developed muscles, we would be able to jump several meters high).

Further, it has claws and teeth strong enough to hunt and eat small prey, like rodents and small birds. He is an excellent hunter, and he is even more so because since he was a puppy he perfects his hunting skills through the game. When we throw a ball for example, it can strengthen the muscles of its legs so that, tomorrow, if necessary, it can go after its prey and catch it. Even if he never leaves the house, he has the blood of predator, of the felines, and that means that at night he will remain active.

Puede que no cace ningún animal, pero sí que ”cazará” cuerdas o cordones, pelotas, peluches,… todo lo que se encuentre a su alcance y que tenga el tamaño adecuado para que él pueda moverlo y/o cogerlo. Y claro, al hacerlo puede hacer ruido. Entonces, ¿cómo conseguir que duerma por la noche?

¿Cómo hacer que el gato duerma de noche?

El gato pasa muchas horas durmiendo, entre 16 y 18, pudiendo llegar a 20 cuando es un gatito. Si queremos que duerma de noche, tenemos que tener presente que no tenemos que reducirle las horas de sueño, ni mucho menos quitarle sus ratos de siesta, sino más bien de cansarlo durante el día para que por la noche le apetezca más descansar que jugar. Y, ¿cómo se hace eso? Con tiempo, paciencia y constancia, además de algunos juguetes 🙂 .

Cuando esté despierto, lo que debemos hacer es dedicarle tiempo, pero no estando con él en el sofá sin hacer nada, sino que debemos movernos. Tenemos que jugar con él, hacerle practicar ejercicio. En las tiendas de animales encontraremos una gran variedad de juguetes para gatos, pero seguro que en casa tenemos cuerdas o cordones que ya no usamos, o pelotas pequeñas (como mínimo, han de ser del tamaño de una pelota de golf), o cajas de cartón lo suficientemente grandes para poder hacerle un agujero por el que pueda entrar y salir. Y si no, siempre podemos hacer una pelota con un trozo de papel de aluminio.

Con estos simples juguetes, tanto él como nosotros nos lo podremos pasar estupendamente bien. Además, es una excusa perfecta para mantenerlo en forma, consiguiendo así que se mantenga en su peso ideal.

Y, ¿cómo ayudar al gatito a dormir?

Si tenemos un gatito que no puede dormir, tendremos primero que saber si tiene algún problema de salud. Si ha sido recogido de la calle, o si es hijo de una gata callejera, es muy probable que tenga parásitos intestinales, los cuales además de hacerle comer más de lo normal les puede provocar dolor de estómago. Además, si es un gatito bebé y maúlla desesperadamente aún y habiendo comido, puede ser que todavía no haya aprendido a hacer sus necesidades solo y que, por lo tanto, la acumulación de orina y/o excrementos le esté provocando daños o que tenga cólicos.

En el caso de que sospechemos que le ocurre algo, tenemos que llevarlo al veterinario lo antes posible, pues de lo contrario su vida podría correr un serio peligro. El gatito es un animal que, hasta que no crezca, será débil. Necesita una serie de cuidados especiales para poder llegar a la edad adulta, como una alimentación de calidad (sin cereales) para gatitos, una cama cómoda, y mucho cariño, de lo contrario no sólo no será feliz, sino que es posible que su esperanza de vida se reduzca considerablemente.

Si el veterinario nos dice que está bien de salud, es probable que lo que necesite sea eso: que se le preste más atención. Si tenemos que dejarlo solo en algún momento, podemos ponerle una pieza de ropa que hayamos llevado, o podemos usar Feliway para que se mantenga más tranquilo.

Así, siguiendo estos consejos, seguro que nuestro querido amigo de cuatro patas podrá dormir bien por la noche 🙂 .

Mi gato ya no quiere dormir conmigo

Lo primero que tienes que entender es que no puedes forzar a tu peludo, él tiene que elegir dónde duerme y ha de contar siempre con un espacio que entienda como propio y que no sea tu cama. Eso no quita con que es muy posible que acabe decidiendo pasar la noche a tu lado, pero si de repente decide dejar de hacerlo durante un tiempo, lo normal es que no sea nada.

De todas formas, si siempre ha dormido cerca de ti y de repente no quiere ni verte, tienes que descartar en primer lugar que se trate por una enfermedad o por estrés. Los cambios de actitud pueden ser un síntoma de una posible patología.

Por ejemplo, cuando los gatos sienten que están a punto de morir suelen refugiarse y esconderse porque se saben débiles y no les gusta que les vean así. En el fondo, siguen siendo una especie de orgullosos depredadores.

How to know if my cat is sick?

Fíjate en otros cambios que haya podido tener: ¿ha perdido peso o pelaje? ¿Protesta más de lo normal? ¿Ha dejado de comer o bebe demasiado? ¿Tiene fiebre o tiene algún bulto en el cuerpo? Sí la respuesta es que sí, deja una consulta a nuestros veterinarios online. Tienes que ser capaz de responder a estas preguntas de manera instantánea. Te recomendamos que guardes un rato al día para acariciarle, mimarlo y jugar con él. Al tocarlo a diario, sabrás reconocer si hay algún cambio en su cuerpo.

Otro motivo por el que tu gato ya no quiera dormir más contigo es porque tendrá algo de estrés o de ansiedad. En este caso has de analizar si ha habido alguna modificación su rutina habitual. Al ser los gatos tan sensibles a los olores, pueda que ya no entienda tu cama como un lugar confortable si te has mudado o es otra distinta, si ha pasado por ella otro animal o incluso si has cambiado de detergente. Dale algo de tiempo, poco a poco volverá a tu lado.

Mi gato no quiere dormir conmigo en verano

El cambio de estaciones puede afectar a tu gato, sobre todo con la llegada de los meses cálidos o húmedos. Si tu colega se encuentra incómodo por culpa de la temperatura, preferirá volver a su rincón para estar más fresco. Si este es el motivo, asegúrate de que el cojín o el lugar en el que duerme está ventilado pero sin corriente. También es crucial que tenga agua fresca en abundancia, sobre todo en verano.

Si cuando llega el otoño no vuelve a tu lado, no lo obligues a tumbarse contigo en la cama. Es posible que hayas descuidado el tiempo que pasáis juntos y que, al llegar la noche, tu colega no tenga ni una pizca de sueño porque no está cansado. Te hemos hablado mucho de que dediques un rato a mimarlo y a jugar con él, si ves que cuando llega la hora de meterse en la cama él sigue activo, alarga este tiempo de juegos.

Recuerda que un gato es un cazador, por lo que los juegos de trepar o de buscar le estimularán el cerebro, le animarán a hacer actividad y lo agotarán para la hora de ir a dormir.

Mi gato duerme conmigo, ¿es malo?

Mucha gente que no convive con perros o gatos piensa que es malo dormir con ellos, pero no es cierto. Los animales nos dan compañía y nos relajan. Lo que sí que te recomendamos es que te asegures de que tu peludo está desparasitado y acostúmbrate a cambiar las sábanas con frecuencia y lavarlas.

Con un poco de higiene, podréis pasaros la vida durmiendo juntos, sanos y felices. Si ninguno de estos consejos te ha ayudado o quieres más, haz tu consulta a nuestros etólogos especialistas en gatos.

Have you been left with doubts? Ask our veterinarians: