Cat in Zeal, how long does it last? When is the first? How to calm her down


  • When the cat is in heat becomes much more cuddly and affectionate with its owner, even if it is usually quite arisca or solitary. During the heat he will seek affection and attention, as well as constant contact.
  • A common behavior in cats in heat is lie on your back and roll on the floor or on carpets.
  • For the males to hear her and go in search of her, begin to meow much and higher than normal, which can be quite annoying.
  • They lick the sexual organs, which are inflamed.
  • To spread their pheromones and thus attract cats, females urinate on the street (if allowed to leave) or at home, outside the sandpit. Urine during this time has a more intense smell, similar to that of ammonia.
  • It is common for the cat in heat to have less appetite

Male behavior during female heat

Zeal in male cats as such does not exist, They do not have specific periods of fertility, but since they reach their sexual maturity they are receptive to the signs of cats in heat at all times.

  • You will also pee at home and everywhere.
  • By detecting a cat in heat nearby, try by all means to escape from home to go look for her.
  • On the street, your territorial instinct will skyrocket, Typically, they become more aggressive and even go into fights with other males to show up as alpha males against females.

When is zeal in cats?

The zeal of cats is seasonal, but varies depending on whether they are street or if they live in a house.

  • In the case of street cats, They are zealous when the days have more daylight hours. During spring and until October approximately, a street cat will have cycles of heat one after another if she is not pregnant.
  • Homemade cats, on the other hand, they are less affected by daylight and seasons, since the home environment is different. With a warm temperature due to heating, a pet cat can also get into heat during the winter.

Exposure to sunlight directly influences the heat of cats! The more light you receive, the sooner the zeal will come. This is a reflection of its defense mechanism in the wild world: the zeal comes when there are more daylight hours, that is, during spring and summer. During that time, it is also easier to survive: the weather is warmer and there is more grass, fruits and other resources to feed on. They coordinate with nature to survive them and their kittens!

When does your first zeal reach a cat?

A cat has her first zeal among 6 and 9 months of life generally, although this may vary. Some cats have it at 4 or 5 months, since some circumstances can accelerate the arrival of fertility:

  • To have your zeal, The cat needs to have a minimum weight. If you reach it before 6 months, the heat could appear.
  • If the cat lives with a male, it can also appear earlier jealousy.
  • As we said, the days with more hours of light favor the arrival of the heat.
  • The race, Shorthair cats reach sexual maturity before longhaired cats.

Males, on the other hand, also reach sexual maturity between 6 and 10 months and remain fertile and receptive to females throughout their lives from that moment. On the other hand, A cat can become pregnant from her first heat, even if she has been early and has arrived before 6 months, a cat in heat is already ready to have babies.

Therefore, if you do not want your cat to have offspring (and if you are not a professional breeder we advise you to do so), it is best to sterilize your cat. You will avoid unwanted litters and also appease their character, you will avoid cancer and other diseases and extend your life. There is a widespread belief that cats and female dogs need to give birth at least once in their life to be healthy, but this is completely false. Having a litter does not affect the health or happiness of an animal at all.

Phases of heat in cats

The zeal of cats consists of several different phases:

  1. Proestro: It is the beginning of ovulation and lasts one or two days. The cat begins to behave in a more affectionate and sensitive way, but is not yet sexually receptive.
  2. Oestrus: It is the stage of zeal as such, the days of greater receptivity to intercourse. It lasts approximately 3 to 14 days. A curiosity of cats is that they are induced ovulation, that is, ovulation occurs at the time of intercourse.
  3. Interestro: If ovulation does not occur, there is a rest period of about 3 to 14 days until another heat occurs. Therefore, a cat that is not fertilized may be intermittent in heat throughout the year.
  4. Right or "false pregnancy": If the female is mounted but is not pregnant, her uterus prepares for a possible gestation, which does not happen and in a few days returns to normal. Upon returning to its normal state, the proestro can be repeated.
  5. Anestro: time of sexual rest, that is, lack of zeal. It can last between a month and a half and three months, which usually coincide with winter.

Remember! Zeal in cats is a natural thing, but this does not mean that you should not give it the importance and attention it deserves. If you don't want your cat to have offspring, sterilize her as soon as possible! You will save yourself many inconveniences and she will gain in health. Letting procreen pets is a big responsibility, don't play it!


I have a doubt about the age that cats have to have to be able to perform sterilization, since many people have made me the comment that I have to wait for my cat to pass the first heat to be able to sterilize it.

It is not true, the veterinarian waits for him to be 5 months old to sterilize it, without having first gone through heat. There are cases in which before 5 months they already have the first heat, it is complicated because you have to wait a week to deflate the uterus and be able to operate. If you are about to turn 5 months, add your operation once, because going through heat is complicated and not necessary.

I liked all the information they give us in this case, since I have a cat and I had many doubts about some things that explain me easily here. Thank you..

Loreto Neira Parada says

I sterilized my cat about 15 days ago and the vet said I had brought her to a good date, because I was about to go into heat. The problem now is that my cat has all the symptoms of being in heat again. I do not know what to do.

That is because the hormones are still in the body, they take a period of two or three months to leave the body, and after that time the cat will already be sterilized (I hope I have expressed myself well, I do not know very well the technical terms, but that is what the vet explained to me, in a few words). Mine went into heat at 4 months (unusual but possible), so I have to wait a week (it's terrible) for them to operate, after the operation, said the doc, that the heat behavior does not disappear until the hormones disappear completely (which remain in the body but will disappear little by little because it is already sterilized), after that comes the traquility.

I adopted a kitten a few months ago and I was going to sterilize her but a few days before, she went into heat ... The vet gave me a pill to take it off until the day of sterilization ...

"The problem" is that I have a sterilized cat at home but have I ever seen him try to ride it ... Would there be a problem if they were to be assembled for the day of the operation?

Greetings and thank you

No, if your cat is sterilized, even if they are mounted, you cannot leave her pregnant. It can be operated without problem.

Marina Camacho says

Excellent thanks for all the information a question can you answer me? Is it true that you can be given a contraceptive pill and so shut up the heat?

Yes, search the web, we have an article on birth control pills for cats (sold in veterinarians). For once it's fine, but in the long term they can cause cancer, so the only definitive solution is sterilization. Greetings Marina.

Hello, I have two cats, the first one has two years with a six-month-old bb who continues to breastfeed him when that cat entered into heat and the second cat is the first to enter into heat and my cat the father of that cat wants to prey on him but I realized That cat is too much. Great for him, is my question getting pregnant when his jealousy is over and bby when he goes into heat will he have problems with his father or not?

In my humble opinion, you should sterilize the three of them, there are too many kittens left on the street all over the world to allow us to continue giving birth to the cats we have in our care (and that the macho do not continue to prey more cats).

The zeal in female cats

We will start talking about zeal in cats since it is the most complex. The first thing you should know is that the periods of heat occur at certain times of the year, at which time the cat is predisposed to be fertilized by the male to procreate. But not all year they will allow the sexual encounter: only when they are with zeal.

A cat begins to have the first zeal towards 6 or 9 months and ends at the age, approximately. If your cat has short hair, they will probably start earlier with heat than those with the longest fur (in fact, this breed of cats can delay heat until 15 months).

While female dogs have only one heat per season, in the case of cats this is different and they may have more than one heat during the same time. In fact, the months of warmest and in which the light leaves later are the most prone for the zeal to appear (that is, spring and summer).

During this time, the frequency of heat can increase and appear every two to three weeks. However, there is no basic rule that can help us know the frequency of heat in cats because factors such as those detailed below are involved:

  • We have already said that the race the cat has a lot to do but it also influences weight and genetics.
  • We have also commented to you that in hot times jealousy is more frequent, this is because they infer aspects such as light and / or weather.
  • Cats can also experience zeal if they are in contact with others that they have it, this is because they release some pheromones that can cause the appearance of heat. Also if there is the presence of other males in the area.

It is also important that you know the phases in which the heat in cats is divided well, unlike that of cats, theirs is much more concrete and prepares to be fertilized:

  1. Proestro: At this stage the cat is more affectionate than normal, begins to vocalize and experience the first symptoms of heat, although she does not suffer as such.
  2. Estro or zeal: This stage, of variable duration, although generally around 5 or 8 days, the cat is receptive to intercourse. It is the time when you can get pregnant, so we must exercise caution.
  3. Rightful or Metaestro: at this stage the female stops rejecting the males and if she has become pregnant she enters gestation. If not, it will take a few days until it reaches anesthesia, but it may happen that you have a psychological pregnancy.
  4. Anestro: This is a period of inactivity>

Zeal in male cats

The zeal in male cats is different from that of females because, for starters, it's later: starts between 8 or 12 months and ends around 7 years. Nor do they present the cycles of heat that we just explained, but the cat is prepared to mate throughout the year.

When she detects the smell that females give off with jealousy or hear the screams of call they throw, cats also begin to start in heat with the desire to meet them.

Although we have pointed out that there are no cycles of heat in males, it is true that during the months of winter and autumn libido is lower That when the good weather comes. This is because the environmental factor also makes a dent in cats although this does not mean that if at this time it captures the signal of a cat, it does not react: it will do so but to a greater extent than if it occurs in summer.

Symptoms that a cat is in heat

Now that you know some of the characteristics of zeal in cats, we continue with the signs that will help you know when your cat is in heat. These symptoms are also different depending on the gender we talk about, so we will classify them according to whether they are male or female.

Symptoms of heat in male cats

When you catch the smell or screams of a female in heat, the cat will begin to experience the signs of heat that are recognizable because you will see how they are more nervous, they start meowing more insistently, they can even reach shake from arousal.

You can also notice that urine mark areas where he doesn't usually do it, this is because he is marking territory to make it clear that this female is his. And precisely this attitude as territorial and marking makes the animal can become a little more aggressive with other males.

Symptoms of heat in cats

Unlike what happens with bitches, cats they don't bleed when they are ready to be fertilized. During this period it is very difficult to ignore the symptoms of a cat in heat: will meow much more Normally, sometimes, it will even seem that he is screaming and his voice may become confused with that of a small child.

You will also see that start rubbing and to wallow with everything and everyone, to scrub through the furniture and showing a more affectionate attitude. It is also usual that if you pet your pet in this period, you will see how he places his body in the way he would have to get to receive the male. It may happen that you also try to run away from home in search of a male.

There are some cares of a cat in heat that we must take into account, such as pay more attention He is more sensitive and needs love. Besides, if you get confused, they are likely to get away from home to look for a mating partner so don't lose sight of him. So play with your cat in heat, pet him, give him more pampering and attention and you will get him to feel calmer and attended.

To protect a cat in heat of the males who will come to look for her, from Animal Expert we recommend that you close the windows and balconies, because the cat could sneak or she could escape. To take care of your animal right now and get it to stop suffering, a good way is the spay or neuter.

There are many advantages of sterilizing a cat, starting with annoying zeal, which causes them stress, anxiety and frustration. You will also avoid escapes and reduce some behaviors, such as aggressiveness or marking. If you are considering sterilizing or neutering your cat, do not hesitate to continue in Expert Animal to discover the best age to castrate a male cat or the best age to castrate a female cat.

This operation carries the natural risk of any surgical intervention, but it is essential to carry it out if we want a better welfare of the animal and avoid some health problems, such as the pyrethrum or a psychological pregnancy.

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