How to prevent dogs from urinating at my door


How to prevent dogs from urinating at your door. Simple method. Pets are adorable and lovely, but sometimes they are difficult to educate especially in the aspect of where they should do their needs.

This method that we will teach you today is very useful as much as if you want to educate your pet as if you want to scare away neighborhood dogs if they have a bad habit of urinating at your door, at the wheel of your car, on your porch , garden, etc.

How to make the dog not urinate in a certain place
For this we are going to use the power that dogs have in terms of their smell, we are going to make a spray with a smell that the dog seems extremely unpleasant so that when he smells it he decides to leave without urinating. To do this you must do the following homemade trick.

Homemade dog educator

Ingredients you need:

1 glass of vinegar (can be any)
2 large squeezed lemons or four small ones
1 spray bottle

Step by Step:

  1. What you should do is mix the lemon juice with the vinegar
  2. Strain to remove any particles that could clog the atomizer
  3. Pour the mixture into the bottle.

How to use this homemade dog educator?

To prevent the dog from urinating in certain places just spray this mixture in the place and the dog when he comes to want to do his needs there will detect the smell and go to another place to continue.

But if it is a place where the dog has urinated before it is important that you clean the area very well to remove traces of urine before applying the mixture to be really effective.

You see how easy it is to educate a dog when learning tricks like these. If you liked this homemade dog educator, comment and share with your friends.

How to prevent dogs urinating at my door?

As we already mentioned, in order to effectively drive dogs away from urinating at your door, the most effective thing is to resort to their sense of smell, which is why the homemade repellents that we are going to suggest in this article are based in generating a smell that is unpleasant to dogs.

5 Natural solutions to prevent dogs from urinating at the doors

I always wanted to know how to prevent dogs from urinating at my door, now thanks to these mixtures that can be made with natural products I should not keep looking for answers!

The first step we must take before applying any mixture on the surfaces is to clean them thoroughly with soap and water. After this they will be ready for you to use any of the following solutions.

Lemon is an excellent disinfectant by nature in addition to eliminating odors that is what we want to achieve, remove the smell of urinating a dog so that others are not attracted to urinate in the same place.

Mix the juice of one or two lemons in two cups of water and spray it in the area you want dogs to avoid. This aroma is very pleasant for humans but not so much for dogs.

With this mixture you have to be very careful because alcohol is a very volatile substance but it is also quite effective.

Mix one part of alcohol with two of water and place it in a sprinkler or sprayer and with it spray daily the areas that you want dogs to avoid.

3.- Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper contains a component called Capsaicum that causes irritation in the mucous membranes, the idea with the application of this solution is not to cause any harm to the animal, simply, that thanks to its powerful smell the smell moves them away from the door.

What you must do is sprinkle cayenne pepper powder around the area we want dogs to avoid.

The disinfectant power and kill odors of white vinegar is no secret to anyone. In addition to this, the smell of acetic acid, one of the components of vinegar, is quite unpleasant for dogs.

Using a sprinkler or sprayer sprinkle pure white vinegar on the surfaces from which you want to keep the dogs away.

5.- Ammonia

This smell is also quite unpleasant for dogs although we must take into account that this is a slightly more delicate substance to use.

Mixing must be done using half a cup of ammonia for two cups of water and spray in the areas where we want to keep the dogs away.

Before preventing, you have to clean

It is the first thing to do: clean the area well so that the remedy we use is really effective. If we did not, the chances are that the dog could detect the smell of the urine itself or other dogs and return to their needs at the door. Therefore, it is necessary to clean thoroughly with a scourer and a natural anti-ammonia product that we can get in any store of products for animals.

Dog spray repellents

Today it is easy to get natural spray repellents. These They are used by spraying those areas where the animal does not want to make its needs. Ask at your nearest store or veterinarians.

We hope you find these tips useful 🙂.