Hello everyone.
You were a few who wanted the growth chart and finally found the paper at home (they are a little messy hehe)
Here I pass.

At birth: H 0.4 kg. M 0.5 Kg
10 Days: H 0.9 Kg. M 1.2 Kg
20 Days: H 1.7 Kg. M 2.1 Kg
30 Days: H 2.8 Kg. M 3.1 Kg
40 Days: H 3.9 KG. M 4.2 Kg
50 Days: H 4.8 KG. M 5.3 KG
60 Days: H 5.9 Kg. M 6.5 Kg
70 Days: H 6.8 KG. M 7.4 Kg
80 Days: H 8 KG. M 8.6 Kg
90 Days: H 9.1 Kg. M 9.8 Kg
100 Days: H 10 Kg. M 10.7 Kg
110 Days: H 11.3 Kg. M 12 Kg
120 Days: H 12.2 Kg. M 12.7 Kg
130 Days: H 13 Kg. M 13.8 Kg
140 Days: H 14 Kg. M 15 Kg
150 Days: H 14.8 KG. M 16 Kg
160 Days: H 16.3 Kg. M 17.2 Kg
170 Days: H 17.5 Kg. M 18.5 Kg
180 Days: H 19.8 Kg. M 22 KG

These weights are approximate, it is an average.
Greetings to all.

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Hi Nadiuska, I think we have all gone through your same situation, that I know there is no concrete weight for the age of the puppies, moreover, that you are raised large or small does not have to do with the size that you have as an adult . Answer your question and in my particular case, it is very good weight, there are puppies that at that age are thin, although I advise you to do a parasitic test because sometimes that is why the puppies are thin, but come on I tell you that Mine with that time was also there. more things, you can gain some weight, adding one more take a day. I particularly did it, soon after I take it off and if it doesn't end up putting me like a ton hehe and that's worse, but come on, don't worry, I have some pictures of my boxer on the album when I was 2 months old, so You can get an idea.

Page 6 My little friend Traps

By the way!! They are the first 4. the others are now that it has 4 months and weighs 12 kilazos! hehe greetings and good luck

How much a Boxer dog should weigh

The boxer is a dog very dear to dogs lovers. He is very affectionate, calm, noble and gets along very well with children. But often that's why he is too conscious, which leads him to be overweight.

So, when we decide to start living with one of these beautiful hairy ones, it is important to know how much a Boxer dog should weigh, this way it will be easier for us to have your weight controlled.

Our dear friend is an animal that It adapts well to living both in a flat and in a house. Although it is a large breed, its calm character makes it an incredible hairy that will enjoy more the company of his family than a long walk.

However, this does not mean that we can do without walking it, but simply need less exercise than other races, such as German shepherds or Border Collies. A daily walk of 30 minutes plus some home play sessions will be enough to spend all your energy.

To have an excellent development, it is very important to be given a high quality diet from the first day he arrives home. In animal stores we will find several brands of feed, but only those that are free of cereals and by-products will be the ones that will make our beloved boxer grow in the best possible way.

If we prefer to opt for something even more natural, It is highly recommended to give Yum Diet, or Barf with the follow-up of a canine nutritionist. Thus, your bones will be strong, your hair bright and your mood will be very good, which is how they have to be 🙂.

But, How much should a Boxer weigh? According to the FCI, males have to weigh about 30 kilos, females a little less, 25kg. So you know, if you see that he is overweight, do not hesitate to take him to the vet to tell you what you have to do to lose weight and recover your ideal weight.

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